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Mizuno MP 18 Irons

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Tried out the Mizuno MP 18 MB's yesterday. They are amazing. I love the new look they have. They definitely have less offset then the previous models. The top line is thinner. They are not too compact as to seem unhittable. For a MB iron they really got up in the air easy.


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    • @iacas I was watching the 1987 Masters last night,  I realized two things...  you are correct that Augusta National is more of a tee shot course now since the changes... Prior to the 1999 Revamp, Augusta had absolutely no rough in reality (the rough was the first cut everywhere else). Now it has a second cut, it's not like other majors, but it does put more of a premium on driving. So Tiger needs to get that pull-hook out of his repertoire before April 5th.  Secondly, I was correct that Augusta, even with the changes to this day is still a second shot golf course. In 1987, the last 7 groups that came through the 14th hole, not one player hit the green in regulation. Mize made 5, Strange chipped in for 3, Crenshaw made a 4, Chip Beck chipped in for 3, Jodie Mudd made 4 from over the back, Norman killed his drive, maybe the longest ever at 14, didn't keep it on the green with his pitch and run, Seve was in the fringe... The list goes on and on... Augusta plays it's most difficult when it is firm and fast... You can hit a great shot in the air that look like it's going to be really good, and you get the wrong bounces, or are 1 foot off, Augusta magnifies it...  Faldo said it best a few years ago... Augusta makes you be so perfect, if you're off by the tiniest fraction, you're struggling to make par.
    • I like Dave Pelz on certain things, but on this one, he's simply full of shit. Where is he getting the fact the average golfer is averaging 40 putts a round. Even if the average Joe putts 5 first putts from the fringe, you're saying he's not 1-putting ever? or seldom? Or occasionally 4 or 5 putting? A 90s golfer doesn't average 40 putts per round, that's not factual at all. I think in LSW it's something like 34 putts, @iacas. It is an SV2 skill, (green reading I think is an SV3). But a guy shooting 96, taking 40 putts and 54 shots + penalty strokes... It's probably closer to 62 shots and 34 putts... maybe as an average for all golfers... Yeah I've seen some 110 to 120s shooters who 3 putt from 15 feet let alone 50. As an average for all golfers, sure, but he's not taking into account the difference on the greens between a Tour pro and a 90s shooter... Is like 3.5 putts per round.
    • I don't think that Callaway made a #2 wood in the 2004 Big Bertha release, I know they still did their 3+ (13°) and 4+ (15°) which was a 2-wood and 3-wood on a 3 and 4 wood shaft respectively. I just need the former 2 and the 13 wood to complete the set. The 13 wood is so rare, people are charging $120 for just the 13-wood used.  It kind of in a way reminds me of the first set of clubs that I actually bought myself, I bought a used Callaway Steelhead Plus 3 wood at Play-It-Again Sports for like $35 in 2004.  But it bring back memories of when the heads were smaller, I haven't even been able to attempt to hit any of them yet. But I think the Driver would be a little more erratic, but the fairways a little easier to handle. I thought of taking out my Wilson 1200 GE Driver (laminated maple), My Big Bertha 2004 (smaller titanium), and my EX10 (460cc Titanium) for a little test. To be fair the Wilson has a steel shaft, but the Callaway and Exotics are both 44" graphite... So I think it would be fun. I've also heard of and know some people that have fairway woods from the late 90s and early 2000s and haven't upgraded because they haven't found anything better. You never know it might be the case. Like Ben Crenshaw and "Gentle Ben" with that 31" shaft and paddle grip (I think he still putts with it, now, and he only plays the Legends of Golf (because that's a glorified Par-3 Tournament).
    • I have read this book several times over, and have not turned into an arm slapper, which I suppose is an arms only swing.  His basic teaching is just swing the the club head, much like Earnest Jones wrote about. Swing the club in a relaxed manner, and let everything else fall into place.
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