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Lakewood Shores Resort - Blackshire

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Our current foursome bought Group Golfer vouchers to play at Lakewood Shores.   The cost of the voucher was $69 for one night's stay and 36 holes of golf.   The golf could have all been played in one day or split between two days as we did.  We scheduled for a Tuesday/Wednesday thinking it wouldn't be too crowded.  The drive was about 150 miles from our point of origin and about 2 1/2 hours.   From the Zilwaukee Bridge the distance was about 97 miles north on US-23.  We arrived about 1 1/2 hours early, before our tee time, hoping to check in and hit the driving range before playing.  

We were told check-in would be after we played Blackshire.  The Blackshire isn't located on the main "campus" as the other two courses, so we drove about 3 miles.   Thinking we had enough time to hit some golf ball before playing, we were told the only driving range was back at the "campus" club house.   Since we were early, we decided to trek back to the range and warm up.   

Back at Blackshire, we headed to the first tee.   Having never played the course, we glanced at the score card which did describe the hole but we didn't play enough attention to detail because we were greeted with blind landing zones into waste areas on several holes.  We played from the white tees because none in our group are long hitters. 


The fairways were well manicured and sufficiently wide but the greens...Every green was very badly diseased with some having gaping holes where moss growth use to be.   They were cut very short so they played very fast.   The size of the greens were large but most approach shots just bounced one or twice and rolled off of the back.   It didn't take us long to learn that hitting approach shots near the front was the only way to hold the greens.  

Our thought on this course, we got what we paid for...

Back at "the campus",  we were directed to our room which was about 1/2 mile back toward Oscoda.    The rooms were like hotel rooms, nice, neat and clean.  

Before dinner we played the Wee Links.   Here's the resorts description:

The Wee Links gives golfers the opportunity to fine tune their short game as well as giving junior golfers a fun and enjoyable round of golf. The Wee Links features short pitch and putt holes ranging from 50 yards to 105 yards, with small greens, bunkers and few water hazards.

We had a riot playing this short chipping course with one club and a putter.  The loss cost me a round

We cleaned up and headed to dinner at Wiltse's Brew & Family Restaurant.   Our food and service was very good.  I'd eat there again. 

We played The Gales which is also the Lakewood Shores but I'll review it separately.

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