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Swing Analysis Devices

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Looking for any and all opinions on folks with experience having owned or used any of the currently offered swing analysis gizmos on the market: zepp, blast motion, arcos, etc.  I was about to pull the trigger on the zepp, but I'm reading good things about other options out there.


thanks in advance for your advice!

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Duly noted on arcos. My understanding was that it offered a little in the swing department but was more of an in game analyzer.  

Lemme rephrase my original question to more swing focused products like zepp, blast motion, epsom, and whatever else I'm not naming that anyone has an opinion on and/or experience with.



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Personally I think you'd be better off getting a couple lessons from a reputable coach in your area that will film your swing and that has launch monitor data. 

Or better yet you can sign up for evolvr and basically get up to 4 lessons per month for the same price or less as 1 lesson with a local PGA pro. 

I have done a couple lessons with evolvr so far and have been very pleased with the instruction I received. They give you 1-2 priority pieces to work on each lesson and you can submit your videos for review at your convenience or whenever you feel you have that specific piece practiced and repeatable enough to move on. They start with the basics and move on from there, which would probably be very beneficial for a higher handicapper like yourself. Im not quite as high as you, but we still started with my grip and address position and now we are working on trying to minimize head movement. I like that they start with the basics first, nothing about swing path or plane or anything like that so far. That probably will change over time, but it is good to know I will have a solid foundation first.

I highly recommend at least a couple months of evolvr instead of one of the swing analysis devices.

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My Girlfriend bought me the arcos 360.  I tried using it, but to be honest i just don't care for it.  It is too much to deal with for me personally when I play.  I don't like having my phone in my pocket, I do not like fidgeting around with an app on my phone while I play...it is just something that I have no interest in using.  When I play golf I am out there to forget about everything else, have a good time, and hopefully get into a zone.  I don't play well distracted.  Lots of people say it is great for them...not for me.  I already know how far I hit my clubs...so I am not sure the use of this for a feel player like myself.  If you want mine, I will sell it to you for a hundred bucks.  I think its 2-300 dollars.  Let me know.  I hate to waste it, but right now they are just sensors on my clubs doing nothing.  I didn't do much of a sale on this...but I want to be clear on what you are buying.  You have to download an app, and then also download courses when you play.  That is extremely annoying.  There are better free apps that you can download that do a way better job of giving you distances to the green, etc.    Let me know if you want it.  I am happy to sell it to you through paypal.  I don't have the box anymore..

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I have the blast golf set up. The app is a little difficult to navigate and works okay. Maybe I just need to take more time with it but I really do like the unit. Problems I had with it were difficulty keeping track of the sensor. It is small and doesn't come with a box to keep it in. This made it easy to misplace and I am very anal about those things so it is an issue. Otherwise it is a pretty slick unit. You turn it on and in records your whole session but only keeps the time before and after a recognized club swing. This makes it easy to do continued recording without having to do a lot of editing or stopping and starting the camera. It was still not real clear on how to change clubs (I'd get it done but never remember how) and the recording would stop at times. When the camera stopped a chime occurred so you can restart it. I have to say I would still recommend it for recording your swing without a lot of effort. It also had measured swing metrics that kept track of tempo and speed among a few other things. I would say more but I can't remember it all because I haven't recorded swings lately. There are a few swings on my swing thread that I used blast golf (latest swings) if you want to check them out.

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Thank you valleygolfer and nutsmacker!! 

I met to post a reply sooner.  While appreciate the offer on the arcos, I actually wound up settling on a zepp 2.0.  I went with zepp because of the reasons y'all mentioned.  At the end of the day the zepp just requires the least amount of time and attention outside of me focusing on my game (and swing).  Shockingly,  right out of the gate it's reporting that I have an optimal swing tempo, as well as near ideal planes throughout with an average overall swing score of 91/100.  The only department Im really lacking in is club speed.  I will create a new post with more detailed specifics of the numbers, or just post them here.  I was shocked after using the zepp a couple times.  It must have been a confidence booster because I went out and shot an 82 on Sunday, my best round ever.  Granted I play or practice 4 plus days a week (I work 3 12 hour shifts a week in my profession and don't have kids), I hadn't played a single hole just 6 months ago.  Accordingly, I was still actively attempting to change and improve on a micro level prior to Sunday.  I'm not getting my hopes up that I'm better overnight, but I'm optimistic.  It was nice to have some "objective" input that my swing was solid enough to just go out and play rather than constantly critiquing every little aspect of my game.  


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I turned in my Zepp Golf Sensor to Blast, they quickly sent me a promo code with a $75 discount, and in two more days, had my Blast Motion Sensor/Recharger.

I went to the FAQ and Blast Site to figure out how the sensor recharges. The position of the stick man figure is important for recharging and placement (down grip) is important. Fired up the Blast App, and while not intuitive, you have quick vids explaining the metrics - loft, lie, tempo, face rotation, etc.

You can set it up where you only get the time for the backswing, then only for thru swing, then for entire putt. GO up in levels, and you get a BLAST of data -- must have taken 260 putts both inside and then last night on the practice green. Found out I had issues - my face rotation was severe.

And I was also using the TPM for the last few days - it's at  https://ixiasports.com/products/true-pendulum-motion

OK, so I took 3 of my putters to find out which was most consistent - it was the Edel E1 - but face rotation was upward of 5, 6+ and the throu stroke was not closing - so I was .6-1 degree open at impact most of the time in comparison with the closing rotation. Then I tried everything to correct the issue, which included my lie angle moving throughout the swing. I'm still learning.

So what does a nut do? I went to my memory banks and Stan Utley and Brad Faxon - they have similar swing the clubhead methods - suddenly face rotation decreased to between 3-4, and it was closing, lie angle was down to .2 in terms of movement. Loft moved less than 1 degree during stroke. And then with the Blast 2:1 tempo, it made me think less and get the putterhead moving to make the ratio - and the more closer to ideal, the better the stats and better the result at the hole on the practice green. And that was with my TP Mills Putter. Will see how Edel does over the weekend. I wonder how it does with full swing? Anyway, Blast gives you a lot to learn, and some of it is beyond me. But feedback - you get it in spades. And this is just the start...

It was an OCD kind of late afternoon/evening.

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