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Anyone Play a Driving Iron?

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I have a Dunlop driving iron in the shed. I got it 4 years a go on a whim. Its a pile of :poo:.

If i need to keep it on the fairway off the tee i go with my 19* John Letters TR47 hybrid. Love that club.

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No - my longest iron is a 5i.  (I need to find a more forgiving model (and a better swing) and see if I can get a better 5i and 4i than the rest of my bag). 

For longer shots, I'm actually quite comfy with my hybrids and fairwood woods.  I'd likely never swap one out for a long iron.....but I'm willing to learn anyway since I've never had one.

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I actually have an easier time swinging a 1 iron than a 3 or 5 wood.  And I have more control over where the ball goes.  With the woods I feel my swing gets sloppy and balls spread out left and right a bit.  The exception being the driver with a low tee up ball.

I don't know, maybe I am from another planet, considering 90% of the people have a really hard time swinging 1 through 3 irons.  If you can sweep the ball with a long balanced swing, irons are not that hard.  For some reason, I have a hard time with 3 and 5 wood off the ground.  I am going to work on that a bit in the future.

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My last fitting session, they suggested a driving iron for me instead of hybrids. When I was testing it at the range, it felt great! I hit it long and straight. With that being said, I am used to hitting a MP32 3i, so it was actually much easier for me to hit than my 3i. I am thinking heavily on putting one in the bag. At my course, a lot of the holes are somewhat short off the tee. I would greatly benefit from the accuracy off the tee over my driver and have the distance advantage over my 3i.

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I got a Callaway Utility iron that I like a lot. Use it a lot off the tee on holes where I don't want to hit it too far.

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I bought a Controller " roll & bulge" driving iron on ebay and find it pretty easy to hit straight (like some of the other posts, around 200 yards). I use it exclusively on long par 3's and for my second shot on par 5's. Again like other posts, I have always had a hard time hitting fairway woods. I carry a 3 iron as an alternative and occasionally a titleist 2-iron, which I find harder to hit well.

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I’m gonna start this up again. I bought me an old Controller driving iron last week (17 degrees of loft), and I love it. I’ve hit probably 20 shots with this club so far, and I’m hitting it lower and straighter than most shots with my fairway woods and hybrids. I’m averaging around 200 yards with solid contact, and it feels great coming off the face. It’s also been windy in Durham lately, so the driving iron has been helping me.

As I see it, the only setback is that I can only seem to hit it off the tee. I’ve tried hitting it off the deck, with not positive results. Off the tee, I’m hitting it great. The course I played yesterday is super narrow off the tee, and the driving iron performed well. 

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    • My first post in this thread, and I admit I haven't read each preceding post.  In my opinion, if you're going to compete, you better learn to play with people who get on your nerves.  It may not happen all that often, but it WILL happen.  If "that guy (or gal)" is going to throw you off your game, you might as well just quit.  And I have very little respect for quitters. But for me, the annoyance factor has very little to do with handicap level, which is what seems to be the primary criteria used in the OP.  What bothers me most is lack of consideration for the course, for other players, or for staff.  I've probably seen those issues more in a few of the low handicappers, some of whom seem to have egos way out of line with their actual ability.  But I can usually put all of that out of my mind and play my own game, even the worst of them don't ruin my game, or my enjoyment.
    • Just my opinion, but if you're not going to follow the rules for handicapping, I don't believe you should keep an official handicap.  I'd suggest that you use an unofficial online handicap calculator, and save yourself the few bucks.
    • It's one of those rules that doesn't affect the number of strokes I took, like the signing an incorrect scorecard rule. Keeping a handicap would only be for my information since I don't play in competition. 
    • 'Cause Titleists, designed in the U.S., only understand English.
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