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Was this Poor Etiquette?

Was conceding the putt poor etiquette?  

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  1. 1. Was conceding the putt poor etiquette?

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Not only appropriate but the right thing to do. Why would you let them gain an advantage?

I also don't buy the "it wasn't that competitive angle". So both sides didn't care who won? You are playing for something, maybe not money or fame or much of anything other than pride but you played which means it meant something. Otherwise why even play. Just call it a tie and go to the bar. Or just play golf and don't worry about who won. Somebody won, which means you should play by some rules. Those competitive rules would not have you giving your opponent an advantage. 

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I can understand that guys frustration over your concession. That is no reason for that kind of response. He was over the top a little bit.:mellow:

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I would say it's gamemanship.

FWIW.... I don't like profanity on the golf course...... even among good friends....that's just me, tho

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Totally appropriate to concede the putt.  I do think it would be a little crappy to make a guy go through his pre-shot routine, line it up, take his stance, and then concede it.  I would have probably apologized for the late concession and explained that my brain works slowly most times. 

It does raise a question for me:  When is the last moment a shot can no longer be conceded?  Obviously, if you concede just as he takes his putter back, he shouldn't breach the rules but completing the putt.   On the other hand, he reads the putt, places his ball, and starts to approach the ball -- if you concede at that point, he can't complete the putt without it being improper assistance.  Where in between those is the line? 

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