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Extending PW and SW?

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Hi Everyone,

Hoping to get some opinions (outside of my golf circle) on something that has been bugging me about my PW and SW.

My Callaway XR irons are already extended 1 inch (sized and fitted, with +2). As a 6 foot 4 male, I am struggling to consistently get down on my PW and SW. Is the thought of extending just these 2 clubs further (to say, match my 6 iron length) a crazy thought? Why would these 2 clubs have to be the shortest in the set? I admit to being relatively new to the game (love it by the way), and taking lessons. But as I make progress, I still find myself topping the ball with these 2 clubs. 

So my question would be - why should I not extend my PW and SW length to match my 6 iron?


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As per the specs on XR irons, the stock shaft lengths are:

  • 6i = 37.875"
  • PW = 35.75"
  • AW = 35.50"
  • SW = 35.25"

So, your 6I + 1" now is 38.875" long.

16 hours ago, so_cal_stud said:

So my question would be - why should I not extend my PW and SW length to match my 6 iron?

If you have already extended these two wedges 1" also, then you would extend their shaft length by 2".

If you have not already extended your wedges, you would be increasing the shaft length by 3".

A couple of things to consider:

  • Shaft length + loft helps determine how far a given golf club will launch the ball. If you make the wedge shafts 2 to 3 inches longer, you likely will get yardage compression. You might get a PW that flies longer than your 9i.
  • Safety factors: The clubsmiths at GolfWorks do not recommend extending non-putter shafts beyond 1". You run the risk of creating shear points, with club possibly coming apart.

If you like longer shafts in the short clubs, try the single-length irons. 

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In addition to the above, by extending an additional 2", you'll significantly change the swing-weight of the clubs which will also affect playability.

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    • Getting an old set and having them adjusted is not going to yield you any better results financially than getting a new set. If you're looking for the most bang for the buck, look at www.thegolfworks.com and get a set of their maltby irons built to your spec and flex.  They're only about $299 for the whole set.   The woods are just as amazing but you could find a used OEM driver for cheaper.   
    • Not surprised, they're great looking and performing clubs.
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