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Shorter driver question

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Yeah I know what you mean.  I have only ever had two, if you want to call them fittings and I wasn't real impressed.  I played last Monday with my driver I cut off and if felt good with the shorter shaft.  I hit some good drives and some bad ones but the driver definitely feels better to me.

If you would feel better with it shorter just buy the economy swingweight scale and check and see what your driver is and after you cut it off put it back to the same thing.  I cut mine off 1 1/4 inches and put on a 25 gram grip and add 2 more grams to the grip and according to my little scale I am at D0.  I don't know what it was before I cut it off.  I know I feel better swinging the shorter shaft.

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13 hours ago, JonMA1 said:

I wish there were fitters available in this area as knowledgable as some of the members here. 

I brought my 915D2 in to be shortened at the same shop I purchased it from. The guy who was helping asked me how much he should cut off. I told him I didn't know what was best and was hoping an expert could make a suggestion - basically the reason I went to them. I told him I grip down already so he had me show him how far.

He cut 1 1/2" off and said nothing about adding any weight back.

This is the same shop where I purchased an iron set a few years back. That fitting was a joke when compared to what Mizuno shows on their website.

I go into these places and pay a bit more for equipment in hopes the professionals can do more than ask me what I want or send me home with off-the-shelf clubs. How the $#% can I possibly know what's best! I tell them I need their help... that they're the experts. I get almost nothing. Was hoping the new owner would be different but it doesn't look like that's the case.

I don't know, maybe they see a guy like me come in and they figure why bother.

It's fine, live and learn. In the end, it's only golf and properly fitted equipment can only do so much when a poor swing is the bigger issue. I just hope I never become that indifferent towards my profession.

This is a situation that hits close to home for me.  This is becoming a big issue in golf retail...the demise of the professional salesperson and club techs. 

There used to be a time when golf stores employed knowledgeable, experienced, professional salespeople who were well trained and had been in the golf business for a long time.  A prime example is Edwin Watts...it wasn't uncommon to walk into any of their locations and find employees who had been with the company for 20-25 years or more. 

But things started to change as golf became more popular the internet grew.  In the late '90s and early 2000 it seemed like everyone wanted to work in the golf business. The big-box stores had people lining up around the block hoping for a job.  They decided it was no longer worth it to pay someone who had been with the company for a long time $50k/yr when they had people beating down their door willing to work for $9.00/hr.  Sure, they didn't have the experience or knowledge of the professional salespeople, but who cares...everyone can get whatever info they need online now.  That's their theory.  No one has to consult the guy at the golf shop anymore, so why pay top-dollar for someone knowledgeable and experienced?  And if the $9/hr guy gets frustrated because he's working too many hours, or not enough hours, or every weekend...tough shit...there are a dozen others who will take their place tomorrow.  This attitude lead to high employee turn-over, so management figured what's the point in training employees or educating them on new product releases if they won't be here 6 months from now?  They don't want to invest time or money to make the staff knowledgeable for a bunch of short-timers.

So when Jon goes to his local shop and needs some guidance regarding shortening his driver, this is what happens.  Rather than talking with someone who can explain the process, what's involved, and offer some suggestions, he had to deal with someone who knew less than he did!  I get frustrated with the situation, but unfortunately I don't see it changing any time soon. 

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On 9/30/2017 at 9:00 AM, ThumbtackR9 said:

Well I cut it off 1 1/4" off and put a golf pride 25 gram grip on and added 6 grams of tape to the head.  I ordered me a swingweight scale so I can tell what it is.  I like the feel of the shorter shaft.  Going to play a round Monday.  Did put some impact tape on and it in the net.  Had a pretty good pattern.  I'll post after the round.

I am a senior with a swing speed bout like yours. When I reshafted irons, my very experienced old school club tech shortened my old Callaway driver a little over an inch. When he talked about it, he said he wanted higher MOI for my swing (?).  Anyway, I'm sure no weight was added; he would have told me.  We did put on a new Winn Dri-Tac which is lighter.  I hit the driver farther now and with more accuracy. Good luck! -Marv

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11 hours ago, 1badbadger said:

I get frustrated with the situation, but unfortunately I don't see it changing any time soon. 

The shame is that I prefer to go to shops like this over the big box stores - whether it's outdoor equipment, hardware, or golfing equipment. The only way that makes economical sense is if I'm getting expert advice for their slightly higher prices. 

The owner of this shop is a skilled club fitter and an honest person. I think I'll ask him about the weight and explain to him why I prefer to spend my meager golf budget at his shop.

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We only have one shop where I live so I don't have a big choice.  Like I said I just like the shorter driver.  I am 5'9".  I think as far as swingweight unless it feels real heavy or real light I probably wouldn't know any difference.  I think one of the guys on here said don't get hung up on swingweight just do what feels right.

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