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    • Looks like you can play the back tees at Pebble.  
    • Back when I was playing my best golf, I didnt lose very often to the regulars I played with. A group of guys I normally played with brought in a ringer, their ringer. They were tired of watching me play better than them. . Right off the first tee, I knew the ringer was a better golfer than I was.  This suited me fine, because I really liked playing against better players. It makes  my round more enjoyable when playing against better players. I never had a problem losing at golf.  After the first two holes, I was down three strokes to him. For the next 15 holes we went back and forth. I never got a lead on him. New even tied with him. However, his superior game kept me focused on what I needed to do to just stay close.  Starting the 18th hole, I was two down to him. However,  I was familiar with this hole. A par 4, right dogleg, with 100 yard shot to the green from the dog leg. A green that sloped away into a water hazard.  Both our tee shots put us in position to shoot for the green. I went first with an 70+/- yard lay up. He went for the green. As I expected his ball hit the green, and rolled into the water hazard, just barely.  My next shot was an easy pitch, that I landed on the apron with enough roll left over to stop the ball 2 feet from the pin. I would make that 1 putt par.  He elected to not to take the penalty, and drop. (?) The top of his ball was just above the water line. He hit a fat (muddy) shot, leaving himself a 30 foot, up hill shot for par. He was not on the green yet. His next shot, a chip,  was probably the only bad shot he hit all day. He 3 putted the green for a 7.  I carded a 74 to his 75. We shook hands, and pretty much never saw each other again. This even though I wanted to play him again. Told him so.  In retrospect, I didnt actually beat this guy. He beat himself. 
    • I love playing against vanity 'cappers, especially the ones who scoop up 3' putts. Love them in match play. I'll give those putts, then make them putt in the last part of the round and watch the bogeys and dbs rack up.
    • So in other words if I don't take the time to analyze it while I'm playing it's fine. If I had a caddie, the caddie would be taking the notes. Because the carry distance for say the 9 iron would be the average of the number of times I used the 9 iron, not a single shot. Driver carry I don't care about because I just care about hitting fairway. lol. It's the approach shot distances 140 yds and in or 8 iron to GW. And these would have to be collected over several rounds. Nothing beats on course data.
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