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Golf's Mental Game Aspect

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On 5/11/2021 at 4:14 PM, mohearn said:

Well, recognize the gamemanship for what it is, they're trying to throw you off your game.  When you practice, try to recreate the feelings you had, then hit the ball.  Some people use anger at folks trying to game you to channel one's focus.  You can't control the outcome, just the next shot...  I hope there wasn't $ riding on it!

It's just a small amount of money with everyone chipping in $30 for the pot, with 3 places for F9, B9 and overall. I played yesterday and finished second place with a score of 90 and most importantly didn't blow up in the last two holes.

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Recent Rory McIlroy quote:

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I had an interesting weekend. On Saturday I played with a couple friends and had the best ball striking day of my life. My two buddies scrambled against me and I shot 80 beat to them by 5 should have been 10+ if I had managed the course better and made a putt. I had 2 water balls one was a bad line that I just couldn't get driver over a tree that I thought wasn't in play and the other was poor club selection on an island green par 3. I also flew 2 par 5s right over the pin with second shots by 15 yards ended up with pars, I played much better than the score indicates. 

The very next day I went out with some more friends (very hungover for context) and literally could not find the club face. Not a cute comment like I was hitting toes and thin shots, no, I couldn't hit the club face. Just pounding balls off the hossle over and over and over. Looking back on it I knew exactly what I was doing and when I got home I hit into my net for like 10-15 minutes and was perfectly fine. Then I had a long grind session Monday everything was good, went and played Tuesday and struck the ball ok (although the first few I felt uncomfortable thinking the shank monster was lurking) and now I feel completely fine again. 

This is not the first time I have dealt with shanks and it is 100% when I start to press I go instinctual and get too on my toes kind of revert to my baseball swing lower half. I know this is the issue but mid round if I hit one it is so demoralizing my head starts to spin I panic and can't like just take a breath and reset myself especially because of my history with them. 

I need to figure out a way to not be such a mental midget and be able to let go of the horrific shots. I have spent so much time getting my swing in order I should be able to get back on track quickly but the hossle shanks have my number. Does anyone know of a drill or book to read that can help exorcise these demons lol

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On 5/26/2021 at 7:24 AM, Lugowskins said:

I panic and can't like just take a breath

You literally just gotta force yourself to do this. It will calm you down and allow your mind to remember that you have control over the shanks, as indicated by things like:

On 5/26/2021 at 7:24 AM, Lugowskins said:

Looking back on it I knew exactly what I was doing and when I got home I hit into my net for like 10-15 minutes and was perfectly fine.

rather than the shanks having control over you.

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    • If it was a hockey fight BD would turtle in seconds.
    • How are you supposed to classify worst ever? How many times have I yanked out of the swing, left the face open, and hit a wild push-slice OB or lost? What makes one worse than the other? 🤣
    • +1. The mRNA vaccines at least have been shown nearly as effective against Delta as original. So, highly effective. Our problem is anti-vaxxers (both classic and Trumpist) and the public policy legacy of Reagan where a huge proportion of people will miss bills and whatnot if they can't work because of side effects, so haven't gotten it even though they want to. If we got to 80-90% immunized with current vaccine the pandemic would almost totally end in the US, at least until a vaccine escaping variant pops up somewhere.
    • You just posted what looks to be relatively current information.  It seems somewhere between possible and likely that boosters will be advisable, but details are lacking as variants keep occurring and data is continually being collected.  Stay tuned.  What seems more important is that more and more people get vaccinated to slow the spread and decrease the likelihood of additional variants.  
    • I had a worst shot yesterday. Our 2some invited the 3some behind us to join us to play #9, the last hole of our round. It was a 152 yd par 3,fairly straight forward. Wanting to make a good showing to the 3some, I hit first. I was having a decent round, but I topped the ball 50 yds then slinked back to my cart. I did get a bogie, and strangely enough, nobody bettered the 4.
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