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My Swing (Binh Nguyen)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 4 years
My current handicap index or average score is: 13, average score is 95.
My typical ball flight is: sometimes a fade and sometimes a draw
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: bunker shot

My best score is 83. GIR 21% ( up from 18% last year) FIR 48% ( up from 45% last year)

Hi guys, My name is Binh, Im from Vietnam. A country that golf just starts, we only have a couple of pros and they are not even compete on the Asian Tours yet. But the golf bug is all over the country and we have don't care if our pros suck, we love golf and that is all matters.

First of all, I am a long time lurker of the forum, my purpose for creating this thread is just to have a journal of my golf journey. Facebook I have too many friends that I dont want to share so no better place than here I think. 

I am 31 now, playing for about 4 years, often playing once or twice a week ( I played around 60 rounds this year) and practice once or twice a week when I dont have to go for a long business trip. 

I started golf in 2013, had about 5 or 6 lessons with a Japanese instructor. ( I stayed in Japan for 5 years). The man emphasized on balanced of the swing more than everything and touch me a lots of things I only understand them long after that.

I moved back to VN in May 2013, had a couple lessons with my friend who is the 1st or 2nd pro golfer in VN but I did not commit to it enough and my friend wasnt that interested in teaching either. Pro golfer in VN cannot live only by tournament and sponsor so he had to teach but he didnt like to teach that much. ( I introduced him to a couple of my friends also but they complained about him a lot too lol) Thanks God, now he just became the director of the VGA ( the 1st Vietnam pro tour I think), that would suit him better.  Well, I only learn a couple of things from him that you have to hit in to out and the most important thing he emphasized is the rhythm of the swing. 

The 3rd one is not that interesting except I only went to lessons 3 times although I paid a full 10 times lessons course. He is Australian I think, not very friendly and we Asian dont often operate like that. 

The last one is an Australian also. He was splitting with the 3rd guy because of some reasons that I should not get into. 
This guy has a much better record around here, more friendly and more importantly, my uncle and his son whom got lessons from all of the guys recommend this one the most. So me and my Dad decided to make it a try. Much better result this time.
He helped my Dad fixing his back swing big time, helping me a couple of thing especially Key 1 and 2. Working on my impact right now ( key 3 I think ) but there are still a lots of work to do. 

For a lots of reasons ( my schedule, his schedule, my Dad schedule and my kids, my Mom's illness etc..) we only had about 7 or 8 lessons in almost 2 years so I am more like learning by myself a lots. That made me thinking about joining evolvr for a try. 
What I like is what the guy was teaching are not much different from What I read here, and I can take a film and have feedback more frequently. 

Anyway, down here is my video 






As you guys can see, my key 1 or 2 still need works but right now I am focus on key 3, get that left wrist straight and keep the spine angle still through impact. 

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7 hours ago, mdl said:

Your swing looks way better than someone averaging in the 90s!

Thank you for your kind words. My instructor told me the same thing lol 

But my problems outside of inconsistent ball strikings are bunker shot, putting and too many brainfarts holes.

There are too many over 3,4 holes that ruin my score even when I striked the ball solid that day.


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Shot 85 today.

Thanks to my new M2 I hit 12 fairway today ( my record I think), only 1 tee shot went a little bit left to the right rough and only 1 really bad tee shot today ( par 5, pull the shot to the water hazard, hit the 3rd shot into the bunker, 4th shot before water, 5th shot on green and 3 putts for an 8 ).

Although I hit 12 fairways today, I could not take advantage of it and only had 7 GIR ( a couple more nGIRs) and 35 putts. Too many putts I think, had 2 3 putts ( 3 if you count a very easy putt from the edge of the green) and miss several makable putt from 3-5 feet. 


My last 10 games comes like this: 85, 83, 96, 96, 96, 92, 93, 83, 95, 88. 

As you can see I shot 83 twice recently and I think my confidence is sky high. Even when I was shooting 96, I was having nice run of pars and birdies for like 6,7 straight holes and I had bad scores just because of not concentrating enough. 

And 2 more reasons for my confidence are my new M2 Driver and I played quite a bit recently so my short games is decent enough to scramble for at least bogey. 

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Hi guys, Im back. I just signed up at evolr last week.

The 1st analysis came back with a simple 2 ball drill to make sure me hitting the ball from inside to outside.

After 100 balls I have to say the result is quite nice. My ball flight is from no consistent ball flight to becoming much more consistent now, a slight draw from right to left. 

Cant wait to the next feedback. 

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12 hours ago, Henrik Engvall said:

Good swing! you should practise your shortgame and play more on the course :-)


Thank you.

I am working on it. and since it is autumn now in My country, the weathers  gonna be cool until April so I hope I can get more play times on the courses.

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  • 1 month later...


Hi all

I am back. It were very busy 2 months for me to go online to update things but I managed to sneak in practices here and there for my instructor from evlor. 

I came to practice at least twice a week, quite proud of myself for that.

I am working at haft speed punch shot exclusively to change the picture, especially the impact. Got some progresses along the way (keep my spine angle better through downswing..) but it was a very hard road I think. Got some days you had good results immediately and some days all you got is shanks after shanks like today..

And usually after one feedback it would take me 2 or 3 practices to really get the result that I want. 

Still could not get my hands more forward  at impact. Came across very good Ben Hogan tips that made my hips moving better but still need more practices.




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  • 1 year later...


Hi all, I’m back after a while. Still practicing but the range I’m going to just too crowded for setup the camera and my driver who often went with me to the range quit so I have no one to take the video for me lol. Ok that is a bad excuse haha I’m just getting lazy.

Looking back the day I created the thread my index was 13, nowadays it went down to 9.8 and trending down to 9.6. Im getting better I guess. The next goal should be break 80 (shot 9 over for like 4 times these 2 months and choked up at the last 2 holes all 4 times) and being a single handicap.

Playing once or twice a week, practice once or twice also. Still going to see my instructor once a month so I don’t know if an index of 7 or smt could be realistic? 

It is a dilemma when you want to lower your handicap but when playing for money it is a whole different game even as a 10 handicap compared to a 12 handicap imo. Still the journey is fun so I guess i will keep working hard and trying the best I can.

Anyway the video was taken last week, I went to my instructor to checking my swing. I have problems aiming and as usual my head was moving too much forward. The funny thing about going to see instructor is you could not see the immediate results as I shanked the ball 9 out of 10 times trying to tweak the swing. But the very next day I shot 81, -2 to my handicap. Choking the last two hole as usual ( on green for the par 3 too far, 3 putts for bogey, hit a pretty good drive to the fairway 155 yards to the stick only topping the ball to a bad lie in the bunker and the rest was history, lost like 100$ only for the last two holes).

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  • 4 weeks later...
8 hours ago, iacas said:

Nice! Key #3 getting close, and #2 looking pretty darn good.

Do you get a chance to play outdoors pretty frequently?


Yeah I get to play once or twice a week, maybe more or less depends on my job. In here there is no snow so we can play all year. The summer will be over soon so the golf season is beginning. Looking at the stats now, I played 76 rounds this year already lol

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  • 9 months later...

I am back after almost a year lol.

This year is gonna go down the toilet for everything Business involved so I decided to dedicate my time for golf once more. I am rebuilding my swing from the beginning especially after the COVID lockdown my swing was just... just say it was not pretty. Follow an instructor for almost 2 months now and I am seeing a lots of improvements as you could see in the picture and in my newest video. Shot my best score ever 79 last week also.

Im just working one thing at a time and right now my priority is my backswing. 



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  • 7 months later...

I’m back after awhile. My golf journey of course is still going on. 
Working on transition for the last couple of months. A lots of reasons but it surely takes longer than I thought. And I’m only half way to there, maybe 60%.

The checkpoint is when my arms parallel to the ground my hips would be open back pointing to the target. And when I could do that the early extension would go away.

I could do it at 60% speed but at full swing Im not there yet. 



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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally had a good round today, hitting the ball pretty well while playing with the new swing. I could have confidence today to strike the ball with 80% of full swing after struggling between old swing and new swing for like two months. 

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Feeling that I’m getting much better at ball striking and even visually. All that work on rotating the body finally paid off a bit. 
I will have a competition in April, hope that I will get to my peak by then.

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