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Are You a Brand Snob?

Brand Snobbery  

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  1. 1. Are you a brand snob? Do you favor the Titleists/Callaways/TaylorMades/etc. over the Snells/RAMs/Wishons/etc.?

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Not sure if "snob" is the operative word.  I'm making a comeback after a nearly 20 year layoff.  My clubs are all Taylormade but they are all 20+ years old too.  I was never a hard core golfer but I did pony up for a top of the line set of clubs back then.  I have no intention of buying anything newer.  These shoot better than I aim and they go quite well with my Taylormade bag and cap.  lol 

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First, Wilson Staff is a premium golf company and the clubs you bought are first rate.  I don’t know what your partner is talking about.  Second, I don’t have any alligance to any particular brand but

I would like to change my position on this. I think I am brand snob(ish). If you find my dead body near a 'Power Built' 7i is because some tasteless person has used it to take me down and forgot to ge

I recently picked up a new set of sticks, Wilson Staff FG Tour irons and wedges. My playing partner (without even trying them) thought it was a mistake. His motto is that if he’s going to buy equipmen

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Ping G25 Driver

Ping G20 3 Wood

Taylor Made 3 & 4 Hybrids

Titleist AP-1 712 (5-GW)

Titleist Vokey 52° & 56°

Tad Moore Pro 1X Putter

Titleist DT Tru-Soft

Titleist Glove

all in a... Titleist Carry Bag

Brand snob, or brand whore, whatever.

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  • iacas changed the title to Are You a Brand Snob?

No, I currently have a Bag Boy cart bag; Cleveland irons; Cobra woods and driver. I really only play what suits me. Some clubs I have found I cannot play, e.g., TaylorMade, just can't hit the M4 straight for some reason.

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Am a bit of a brand snob when it comes to my clubs.  I guess I just trust the R&D and production quality of a Titleist/Callaway/Cleveland etc over that of the unknown cheaper brands.  For golf balls, I am not that fussy.  It depends on if the ball performs well enough.  For the putter, bag and golf trolley, I am not very fussy

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Unfortunately I am a brand snob. Callaway Epic driver and 3 wood. Callaway Big Bertha 3 hybrid. 4,5,6, Edge hybrids, 7,8,9, Edge irons, and Mack Daddy wedges, 48, 52, 56, 60. Last but not least Versa 9 putter. However I do not play a Callaway ball. That is a Vice Pro Soft.

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My loyalty is usually whatever happens to be on a huge discount around the time I'm looking for something specific. Taylormade driver and 3wood, titleist 3i-aw (48 deg), Cleveland 52 and 56, and nike putter.

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    • I was thinking “liquid metal” was what someone meant to be “hot melt”.
    • @Shorty, @boogielicious, and @iacas thank you for adding well-reasoned and factual statements to counter @Billy Z’s nonsense.   While I tend to agree to a limited extent that people can be overly sensitive these days, “Indian” and the equivalent (“red skins” and the like) are, as all of you pointed out, offensive—and not just a nitpicky level of sensitivity—but offensive to all reasonable people, given historical context and usage. Therefore, I think the ball club made the right decision. However, I’m not a fan of “guardians,” but I’m happy to see the change. 
    • This nails it. And if he read this he’d think..’yeah…another minion.’ 
    • In the video, one of them had #7 as their favorite hole 🙂 Then sadly he liked #9 Here are my course reviews... Lac La Belle - 6.0/10 Visually this course is good. The mix of fescue, bunkers, and marshy areas outline the holes nicely. There is a lot of target golf going on here. Some of the holes were a bit wonky, like hole #2. Also, the 600 yard par 5 was kind of bad. I am just glad that the fescue was not thick and tall, it was very playable from. If not, this course would be unbearable. The massive putting green with basically a putt putt course was really fun. In the end, it's a good course, but I would not enjoy playing this course a lot. Just too much target golf.  Course Layout - 5/10, Course Condition - 8/10, Visual - 8/10, Clubhouse - N/A Lawsonia - 7.0/10 I really enjoyed this course. It has a unique style that isn’t around my area. Holes 1 thru 8 were good. For me, a bit too many blind tee shots. Holes 9-18 were more open from the tee. Luckily, there wasn’t much in the terms areas the ball would end up unplayable on the holes with blind tee shots. If you aimed over the mounds, and hit a decent shot you would have a shot at the green. There was a good variety of holes. This course was really fun to play.  Course Layout - 7/10, Course Condition - 8/10, Visual - 6/10, Clubhouse - N/A Mammoth Dunes - 8.0/10 A visually stunning course. It is much more of a friendly course than Sand Valley due to the green complexes having more areas to feed the ball into the green on errant shots. Each hole was like a problem to solve off the tee even though there was wide landing areas. I really enjoyed playing this course. The first tee shot of the day was really awesome teeing off from an elevated tee over looking over the expanse of the property. It really gives you a sense of the grand scale of the course. The bins of water on the course were nice since  you have to walk the course.  Course Layout - 8/10, Course Condition - 8/10, Visual - 8/10, Clubhouse - N/A Sand Valley - 8.5/10 A visually stunning golf course. The green complexes are tough with a premium on hitting the flat areas or areas with backstops. Balls would routinely run off the edges where severe slopes were located at. When you miss the green, you usually had a few options to play. Mostly, the high risk through the air or try to putt it to a spot on the green for a longer putt. I think the back nine is much stronger than the front nine. Overall, I prefer the test of this course.  Course Layout - 9/10, Course Condition - 8/10, Visual - 8/10, Clubhouse - N/A Bonus - Sandbox - 10/10 This little gem of a course is just a joy to play. Each green complex is unique and with the variety of pin placements and tee boxes changing daily, each time playing is slightly different. I thoroughly looked forward to starting every day at the Sandbox. 
    • I guess it's easier for some people to think that their enemy is a cult rather than a bunch of informed individuals. Saves one the bother of introspection. 🙃
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