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Biggest waves ever surfed!

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Hi.  This is my first topic started on this website so I kind of have the jitters, lol.  Anyway life is more than just golf, and all sports can be fun.  I like watching thrilling videos on youtube sometimes to kill my time.  I came upon this video showing the worlds best tow surfers challenging the worlds biggest waves that can be found at certain time periods each year.  I guess during big storms in the open water when they come ashore they become massive.  Some people end up killed or maimed for life for trying such dangerous feats.

This footage is from Navare, Portugal.


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That wave in Nazare doesnt look real, they are all spartans that attempt to ride that. I have been on a surf wow video kick lately. Might not be the bigget per se, but the wave at Teahupuu when it goes Code Red, looks so damn heavy!!!

It has isnpired me to get me and my kids lessons to surf this summer, 2 or 3 footers though I hope 🙂

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Some guy just set a record. The wave was either 80 or 100 feet high, I don't remember which. That video might be it. 

Earlier today, I watched a video where a surfer fought off a huge shark while waiting on a wave. He managed to get away, unhurt to the tow skis. The shark's top fin was taller than the guy's torso.

I have never surfed, but I have ski'd down some tall snow covered mountains after a heliocopter dropped us off. That was way back in my other life....


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