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Recap Your 2017 Golf Goals

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On 12/21/2016 at 11:10 AM, cutchemist42 said:

1- Current HI on GG is 16.4, I would love to get down to 12ish.

I plan to do this by identifying where I lose the most shots with more consideration of GG stats as well as some spreadsheets I use, and working on that.

2016, my worst area was mid-approach shots for total shots lost, while my highest average lost was driver. Driver causes me a lot of penalties from OB. I would love for my average shots gained on driver to match my approach shots.

I hope to reduce that by more video work of what Im doing wrong by being more active in my swing thread.

2-This past winter was the first one in my golfing "career". I was surprised by how much catch up is involved in your first few weeks back in April/May. I plan to avoid this mess by doing mirror work and indoor golf dome more frequently than last year. (I went to the golf dome once last winter)

3-Stop over-thinking putts, I was actually better at putting when I first started because I didnt know enough to over-think things. I dont really intend to practise putting, but I want to approach them with a new routine I've been practising.

4-Listen to my body to avoid injury, lost 1.5 months of golf last year by pushing it at one point resulting in wrist bone/tendon problems.


1-GG HI got down to 14.3, wanted something in the 12s. Less penalties from driver and better putting gets me there. (more details will go into swing thread)

  • Currently when comparing to a 10.0 HI on GG...
    • Avg gain .67 strokes driving
    • Avg. gain .39 strokes approach
    • Avg lose 2.59 strokes short game
    • Avg lose 4.38 strokes putting

2-More winter practise helped, I felt I didnt waste the 1st few weeks back. I was doing mirror work and golf dome work with foot spray.

3-Overall, my putting still sucks.

4-I know some injuries can be random, but would say I didnt "push" it this year with more offdays, and I didnt get injured once.

Unintentional goal i consider an improvement.... Gained distance on my swing by about 2 clubs.


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My goal was to break 80 for 2016 and 2017, and maybe even 2015. I finally did it this summer a month or so before my first kid was born. Since then, I've had some rounds as low as 81-82, and frankly left a few putts on the table. I've had a few terrible rounds too, but I got over the mental block, and now don't get so worn down about a bad round. I think my next best round is going to be a 77 or a 76. It's nice to have things looking up!

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On 24/07/2017 at 3:22 PM, Lazarus said:

My goal this year was to reach single figures (e.g. 8.9) and hit some firsts along the way:

- break 80 again, and on some other courses

- hit some eagles

- 9 holes/18 holes at par

- 9/18 break par

The plan was to reroute my swing plane, maximise my distance and strengthen my chipping/scrambling game.


So not bad, got from 12 to 8.0

- broke 80 again bunch of times (7), twice on new courses.

- no eagles! Had about 6/7 opportunities from 20-30 feet but couldn't get one to drop.

 - 9 holes at par twice and broke par for 9 holes

 - not that close to breaking par overall (77 lowest) but played 13 holes in a round at par or better so making progress.

Swing plane I improved definitely in summer but have since slipped back a little. 

Really solid, enjoyable year.



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