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Recap Your 2017 Golf Goals

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With the year coming to a close, it's time for our yearly self-assessment thread. Here's how this will work... 

Quote your post from the 2017 Golf Golf topic right here in this topic, then write something below your quoted post to let everyone know how you did!

Please keep replies to a minimum. Use your Member Swing thread for deeper discussions about your goals and how well you achieved them.

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  1. Quote it, select it (with the little + sign in the top left corner), copy it, and paste it into the reply box here.
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The latter is the easier method.

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Improve on my weaknesses...

1. Putting

Target:  Average 2 putts per hole for the last half of the season

How: Identify why starting line is off so much. Devote higher percentage of practice time to <6' putts.

2. Short Game

Target: Improve scrambling from 7% to 10%.

How: Work on feel, a bit more practice. Learn to hit from green side bunkers

3. Full Swing

Target: Average <2 penalties per 18 holes, maintain GIR average from 2016.

How: Slightly more practice devoted to woods and driver specifically keys 3 and 4. Continue priority work with irons - key 2.

1. Putting. Did not meet the goal but improved significantly. Developed better putting mechanics and showed improvement. I didn't record as many rounds as the previous year and certainly didn't get to 2 per hole, but was happy to have moved towards my goal.

2. Short Game. My average according to GG is 9%. Again, there were too many rounds not recorded. Made some gains so I'm happy about that. Sand game was only marginally better so I'd consider that a fail. My intermediate shots (less than 100 yards or partial swings) improved slightly.

3. Full Swing. Fail. I don't have to look up the stats to know I went backwards. My iron swing may have improved slightly even though I didn't hit as many GIR. I neglected work on my driver and FW woods until the end of the season. The increase in penalties likely had a negative impact on GIR. Toward the end of the season I did make some progress with those clubs, but just too little too late. 

Overall, I fell short of hitting my goals.

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Feels like I'm going in the right direction w/current instructor and he's actually around for the winter and have access to decent indoor full swing facilities so will be able to do steady immersive work through the very cold next 2-3 months without experiencing any bitter cold. Comfortable with swing going to A4 ish, but need to work on pivot back, hip and arms, legwork specifics. Plan to take a lesson every 3-4 weeks and practice 3-4 times a week till it's warm enough to play outside and will try and spend more time playing on the course, try to integrate all the winter work into a better score.

Short game is better, practicing when it's warm enough to play outside, better integrating body turn with arms, will work on that more as it warms up. Will dedicate more time to short game this year, basically didn't spend much time, maybe 5% on it last year.

Didn't get to play as much as I wanted but in a nutshell turn/pivot is better while shallowing arms, gradually flexing lead wrist and staying in inclination. Short game is better - less shaft lean at impact, more use the bounce. Putting, better distance control. Used video more for putting and short game stuff. Got a putting lesson from Preston, using a Visio template, experimented w/putterhead weight. Got in the practice hours expected.


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On 11/28/2016 at 8:52 PM, Hardspoon said:

My performance-related goals (in increasing order of difficulty):

1.) Break 90

2.) No rounds over 100

3.) Average differential under 20

The only way I'm going to achieve these is with consistent practice throughout the entire winter, and a bit more focus on my short game and putting (right now, my practice is focused almost entirely on the full swing).

Every practice session will be focused and specific. When I am no longer making progress on my priority piece, I'll make time to visit my instructor and get some more guidance.

I achieved #1...came close to #2...and was a good bit off from #3.

I just didn't practice (or play) enough to see the kinds of gains I wanted to.

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On 11/2/2017 at 4:58 PM, billchao said:

I apparently forgot to post goals this year... Well there are two weeks left in the season so:

  1. Play at least 2 rounds of golf.
  2. Finish the year with a sub-14 index.
  3. Break 80.

First goal is easy, second goal only takes one round with a 12 differential or less to achieve, and the last one probably isn't happening.

I failed all three. Hurt my back and didn't play the final week of the season, IIRC, and didn't play well enough in the one round I played to achieve the other two.

Had I posted at the beginning of the year, it would have went something like this:

1. Play at least 20 rounds - achieved

2. Single digit handicap - failed

3. Break 80 - failed

Did some things I wouldn't have thought to put on the list, though. Met some members for the first time on two separate trips this year. I also finally got around to getting an Edel putter which was my "bonus" goal for a number of years.

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I had a pretty tough 3 months last winter, winding up in the ER a couple of times with bronchitis. One of my goals was to stay healthy enough play a full year. Failed that one by losing around 90 days of playing time. . 

I did stay close to my 10 hdcp, even getting down to a 9 for a few weeks during the warmer months. I think I ended up at 11, or 12. 

Keeping my legs in shape was easy to accomplish. 

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On 12/6/2016 at 1:02 PM, Shooting29 said:

I have been playing golf 30 years. 2016 was the first year I wrote my goals and i achieved all but 1.

My 2016 index ended at +0.4 and my tournament index ended at 2.4 

My goals for 2017 will go hand in hand with each other, meaning by achieving 1 I should achieve multiples. The tournament goals I have will be contingent on when they fall and whether I am off work. I already know I am off for the US Mid Am. 

1. Shoot 0 rounds above 79. In 2016 I posted 1 round above 79 an 83 in my first tournament of the year. 

2. Win at least 1 of my club's 3 scratch events. In 2016 I had a top 5 and two top 10's

3. My state has an Amateur, a Mid Am,  and an Open. This will be  sub goal depending on which if any I will be off work for. 

3a. Qualify for the State Am and and be exempt from qualifying in 2018 by finishing in the top 15.

3b. Make it to quarter finals of the state Mid Am. In 2016 I was eliminated in the first round. 

3c. Finish in the top 30 of the State Open and be exempt from qualifying in 2018.

4. Get my tournament index below 1.0

5. Qualify for the 2017 US Mid Am. 

6. Shoot 29 for 9 holes. 

I plan on doing what got me here. Practice, playing and playing in tournaments.

2017 was a terrible year for my golf game. It started with promise and ended well enough that I will come back in 2018 but there wasn't much to write home about from June through September. That time frame was defined by poor putting which was caused by terrible proximity due to poor iron play which was due in part but not always, to an erratic driver. I hit my share of bad shots from the center of the fairway.

1. Not Achieved: I shot many rounds over 79.

2. Achieved: I won my club's Memorial Weekend event but did terrible in the summer invitational and the club championship.

3. Not Achieved: Did not qualify for the state open and did not attempt the state am or mid am.

4. Not Achieved: Not even close...

5. Not Achieved: Due to poor play, did not even attempt.

6. Not Achieved: Lowest 9 hole score was 31.

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On ‎12‎/‎2‎/‎2016 at 1:37 PM, GangGreen said:

My overall goal for 2017 will be to get down to a 10 HI (from 13.5 now) and break 80 (which I'll probably have to do in order to get to the first goal). 

I don't see me doing a whole lot different versus last year (I took a good number of lessons throughout the year and kept a pretty decent practice regiment) but my primary focus next year is going to be on my driver...it's KILLING me.  I'm averaging around 33% in fairways hit with no consistency at all.  Going to really try to be more disciplined on shortening my backswing and spending more time with my driver in hand at the range (usually spend the lion share of my practice time working on fundamentals with a mid-iron only).  Also plan on finally getting fitted (Merry Christmas to me!!!) which I'm hoping will also help.

Mixed results for the year, I did break 80 twice this year but did not get close to the 10 HI (lowest I got it to was 11.9 for a brief stretch).  Oddly enough, I felt like I played much better and more consistent golf this year from tee to green just didn't seem to translate into significantly better scoring.  Only thing I can figure is I started playing at a new club during the back half of the season with much tougher greens and I'm sure that accounted for some of the higher scores.  I did, however, spend a ton of time this year working on the driver (also new for the year) and had some of my best rounds with it this past season both in terms of fairways and distance, although still need to work on consistency as there were a few clunkers in there as well although those days seemed fewer and farther between.

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On ‎12‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 10:55 AM, saevel25 said:

Goal 1: To improve the influence of my short game by 4 strokes. GameGolf has my short game as a 4.5 detriment to my game.
Approach: I plan on improving this by working with Erik on my short game and spending a good amount of time on this glaring weakness. The issue is a combination of consistency in technique and developing feel for distance control from different lies. 

Goal 2: To lower my strokes lost in approach shots from 1.7 to sub 1.0 on GameGolf.
Approach: To do this I need to keep working on my swing. The primary issue is swinging too inward. The cause is my right shoulder flying out towards the ball in transition. I plan to keep working on how my shoulders work in the downswing. This is in combination with developing a good feel for swinging outwardly. I will continue to work on shortening my backswing as well for overall consistency in what ever I work on. 

Goal 3: To improve the consistency in my putting. 
Approach: I'll continue to work on my backstroke, which goes too inward in the backstroke. 

Goal 4: To participate in the US Mid Am, and the Ohio Open. 
Approach: Improve in the goals I set up above

Goal 5: To qualify for the Newport Cup next Fall. 
Approach: Improve in the goals I set above. 

The only goal I met was improving my putting. :no:

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1. I would like to maintain a Sub 5 handicap index for all of 2017.

2. I would like to shoot under par twice.

I am going to continue to practice and play in state and USGA tournaments next season. My goal is to play in 2 state tournaments, and try my hand at the US Mid Am qualifier again...and actually play well....if they let me sign up.

This year I used Evolvr to shoot lower scores, and really evolve my golf swing into something repeatable that produces results. I plan to continue to do so when I am able to practice after work again.



I've shot under par for 9 holes a few times this year, but my lowest 18 hole round was a 2 over 73.

I have not been a 5 index since March, but that would go inline with my lack of evolvr lessons. I've been back on evolvr for 2 months now and things are improving. Need to stick with it. 

Now that I am in Florida there are hundreds of 1 day FSGA events, so Im signed up for one in January and if I get my index in the right shape I can play in some of the bigger state tournaments in 2018.


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On 3/30/2017 at 3:11 PM, coachjimsc said:

Golf goals for 2017:

1.   Improve my GIR from my 6 iron and above. My GG stats show significant decline once I get to my longer irons. 
LW – 90% inside 45 ft.
8i – 80% inside 45 ft.
6i – 59%
5i – 47%
4H – 29%
    •    How?
        i.    Work on steeper shoulder turn and exaggerate the longer the club.
        ii.    Rotate right shoulder out and increase right side bend.
        iii.    Stand taller at address and not bent over so much from the hips.

2.    Reduce my 3 putt total for 34 rounds(2016) from 70 to 35.
   •    How?
       i.    Practice long backswing, short follow thru on long putts
       ii.    Practice the feel of blocking the putts to keep my right wrist angle maintained.

3.   Play in as many local am tournaments as possible to prepare for NC 2017

(2017 results in red)

1. LW – 90% > 88% inside 45 ft. 
    8i – 80% > 75% inside 45 ft.
    6i – 59% < 76%
    5i – 47% < 53%
   4H – 29% > 25%

Overall improvement in longer clubs.

2. Total 3 putts reduced from 70 in 34 rounds to 18 in 24 rounds.

3. Played in 6 tournaments in 2017. Was fortunate enough to be on the winning team at the Newport Cup.

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On 11/29/2016 at 6:06 PM, sjduffers said:

My goals for 2017 are:

1) Get the index under 8.0 and stay at least below 9.0 for at least three month.  I got to 8.8 for one revision in 2015, and to 9.3 in 2016 (shortened season due to illness). My game is improving from a ball striking standpoint and I would like to be a solid single digit player for a significant portion of the 2017 season. i.e. starting Jan. 1.

2) Shoot 15 rounds in the 70s.  I did manage 10 rounds in 2015, and 9 in 2016, so this goal needs to be stepped up a bit.

3) Shoot a personal best (currently 75) on a par 70 or higher course, meaning 74 or better, as I did manage a 75 (par 72) in 2015.

4) Get the GIR to 45%. That was the goal in 2015 and in 2016 and remains for 2017. The lessons have been taking as well as a new set of irons that are actually fit for me should help. Around 30% now. I have had several rounds with 10-11 GIRs (55-61%) already. It's a matter of doing it more consistently.

5) Get the putts to under 30 putts per round on average with less than 5.6% of 3-putt (i.e. less than one per 18 holes on average), for at least 2 months. I am there with the 3-putts but overall putts per round are at 31 putts or so (briefly in the low 30s). I need to step up the short game a bit. Scrambling stat is at near 30% and up-and-down at 36% (some up-and-downs are for bogey or worse!).

6) Have a personal best putting round at 24 putts or less (probably scrambling quite a bit).  My current best is 25 which I reached several times last year and this year.

The key is goal #4. If it is met, the rest, except maybe the putting goals, will probably take care of themselves. Ball striking if the focus of my ongoing swing lessons (most of it done with the 6 or 7 iron). I now have a 4-iron in the bag that I am learning to hit as well, and I am going to trade my current 3w/5w arrangement for a 4w (same 5w club but with a bit less loft) and a new 3 hybrid. The putting goals will be achieved by better focused putting practice (less than 10 feet and greater than 25 feet) with the typical drills: thru the gate, round the clock, ladder drill, etc...

I know that this reads and sounds a lot like my 2015 goals, and I started this post by copy/pasting them here, but as almost all were achieved either in 2015 or 2016 (or both), I increased them a bit. 2016 was a stagnant year, where some consolidation did occur (plateau), but not measurable progress. I hope 2017 is measurable! :)

Disclaimer:I live in a year-long season area for handicap reporting.

1) Awfully close. The index went as low as 8.2 for one revision but did not dip under 8.0. I was able to stay in the 8.x range since mid-August though, so the goal of staying under 9.0 for 3 months was met and then some.

2) Success. I have 28 rounds in the 70s this year, out of 115 rounds so far (and still counting).

3) Nope. Missed by a stroke. The best rounds this year were 75 once, and a few 76s. There is a week+ left, yeah?

4) Nope. The GIR% went as high as 37% for a while, but dropped back under 30% now.

5) Very nearly.  I managed the whole year under 1 3-putt per round (5.56%) at 4.1% for the whole year and currently (last 20 rounds) at 3.5%. I briefly had under 30 putts per round on average (i.e. last 20) at 29.8, but it's creeped back above 30, 30.4 at the moment (and 30.6 for the whole year).  However, the scrambling stat is at 33% and up-and-down at 42% now, so progress.

6) Done! One round with only 24 putts: 12 1-putts and 6 2-putts (only 3 greens hit that day helped!). Shot an 81 that day: 1 birdie, 8 pars, 8 bogeys, 1 double.

So overall, a very successful year, my best yet. Most of the goals were met or nearly so. I am now a single digit player, despite being pretty short off the tee (220 yds or so). The big elusive one is the GIR%. That will be my focus for 2018, again.


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1) Track stats for every round
2) Score 77 or better on my home course
3) Golf 3x a week every week (whether it is practice or a round)
4) Improve my putting to only losing 1 stroke per round (from 2.8)
5) Average over 6 GIR/round
6) Get handicap index to 9.9 (currently 14.5)

I will do this by dedicating 2/3 of my practice time to short game and putting and 1/3 to long game. My lack of getting up and down, and frequency of taking 4 shots to get up and down is a glaring weakness and needs to improve.

I will also take 6 lessons with my teacher over the course of the year, including one playing lesson.


1) I did so for the first half of the year, until I started not enjoying it as much.

2) Didn't do this, but definitely got my scoring average down quite a bit.

3) Hahah - nowhere near. Work got unexpectedly busy. Last time I played by buggy had cobwebs on it :mellow:.

4) I had a putting lesson and my putting is way better. Measurably better. However my chipping is still hit and miss. Putting and pitching are fine, now it is just chipping which is a glaring weakness.

5) Over the past 3 rounds I hit 6,5,6 greens, so this is OK

6) Handicap stayed the same, 14.5 - went as low as 13.3 in Feb when I was practicing properly.

I didn't play nearly as much golf as I'd hoped this year, and I didn't get the lessons I promised myself. However I have a much more sustainable swing and am putting much better, so to have the same number in front of my handicap with about 10% the practice from last year I am very happy with 2017 from a golfing POV.

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My goals are to shallow my swing out, improve my consistency/ball striking, and actually begin to track/increase my GIR (right now the goal is 4-5 GIR per 18)


Definitely accomplished all of these, mainly by simply playing and practicing more along with Evolvr lessons for a few months.

Driver swing specifically is definitely more shallow and not as much over the top. Still work to be done but its better than it used to be.

Ball striking and consistency has greatly improved mainly by keeping my head still.

Purchased a GameGolf Live unit to track my stats and after 15 rounds on GameGolf I am at 49% GIR. 

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On 25/12/2016 at 10:51 AM, b101 said:

Two goals:

  1. Make more time for practice, particularly when work is hotting up. I intend to block out Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning for range sessions and will hopefully play at least once per month outside of holidays. Beyond that, mirror work and putting mat practice at home needs to be more regular than it has been. This is the most important goal for me - I love the sport but find it hard to prioritise time for myself during term-time. When I do practise, don't cheat and keep being specific with what I'm doing.
  2. Get below 11 by the end of the year. I am currently at 11.3, so there isn't miles to go, but this means continually getting cards in, making sensible decisions on the course and ensuring that target #1 is being met. To really get to this goal, I have to improve my putting from over 10 feet, particularly in terms of distance, keep working hard on the swing tips from evolvr and teach myself the safe driver shot from the tee to keep it in play.

Interesting to look back on. 

1) Didn't meet this really - it always gets better for me in the second half of the school year (i.e. Jan-Jun) but I find it so tough in the stretch between Sept and Dec when there's little light and work finishes at 4pm earliest. I have found a range that's closer to me and I am putting a bit more regularly than I was - it also helps that I've started submitting putting clips to evolvr for analysis. This will be an ongoing target...

2) Not quite. 11.1 currently and it should definitely happen next year if I manage to avoid any disasters. However, the specifics are improving - distance putting is better, swing tips are still being worked on and I think my swing is currently better than it was this time last year. The 'safe' driver shot is now a standard - my driving has really improved this year and that's going to massively help with lowering the handicap.

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On 12/19/2017 at 3:46 PM, sjduffers said:

3) Nope. Missed by a stroke. The best rounds this year were 75 once, and a few 76s. There is a week+ left, yeah?

I have to amend this. I did get a 74 today.  :banana: A nice Christmas gift from the golf gods.

Ok, it was on a par 70 course, and I played from the white tees (just under 5800 yds), but you still have to put the ball in the hole, right? It helped that I had 3 birdies and very nearly the elusive 4th (which is a goal for 2018).  Also, that's now 30 rounds in the 70s for the year.

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On 1/16/2017 at 11:54 AM, NJpatbee said:

I will temper my goals based upon my projected 2017 golf playing possibilities:

  1. Play at least 20 rounds that are eligible for GHIN entry
  2. Lower my handicap by a stroke
  3. Make better contact with my short irons (the only ones I use)
  4. In addition to 1-2 range sessions per week, practice on my course alone when it is not crowded, meaning no score keeping (it is no longer allowed anyway), play multiple balls, and set up difficult lies of all types
  5. Stay healthy!

1. I never came close to posting 20 rounds but only had 6.  My schedule allowed most rounds in the afternoon of which 10 were solo.  I also lost the month of April due to pneumonia.  

2.  My handicap is just about the same, but less accurate than last year with only 6 entries.  I struggled hitting the ball fat for a number of rounds that could not be entered which I believe left my handicap deflated.

3. When I stopped hitting my short irons fat I had decent direction and distance.

4. I did play a few practice rounds but still have trouble chipping close to the pin.

5. As stated above I lost April.

My goals for 2018 are a bit more modest.

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On 12/5/2016 at 6:39 AM, Marty2019 said:

My goal for 2017 is the same as my goal for 2016.   Break 80 at least once.  

My plan is: 

1) Better equipment.   I got fitted for some new irons, but haven't received them yet.  For the last 2 years, I have been using a $200 set that I found in the bargain bin in my local golf shop. 

2) Instruction.  I bought 10 half hour lessons, so far I have taken 4.  But basically, in the long run, have an instructor. 

3) Better practice habits.   Don't just beat balls at the range.   Video my swing.  Consult the video between shots.   Focus on what my instructor wants me to do.  

 4) Practice trouble shots.  The driving range is a nice flat lie, wide open, no pressure.   No sidehill lies, no downhill lies.  But when I play, I am inevitably faced with things like a chip shot from heavy rough with a severe downhill lie.   Or a low punch shot from under a tree.  I have to widen my practice and not just practice perfect full shots.  


Okay, so I broke 80 in March 2017.  41-38=79 was the score.  

I did do #1, 2, and 3 above, but I don't recall doing #4, which was, practice trouble shots. 





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  • Posts

    • Day 3: COVID-19 day 6 and 7 drills again. Then downswing priority piece work with 7-iron, not much, just 10 balls. 
    • Day 69, August 2, 2021 More work on shortening my backswing. I don’t want to even get to hands to right shoulder… at least feeling like that.
    • I'm sure if you look at about two years ago on this site, I mentioned somewhere that after having my first ever sub-80 round (a nice 77 in a tournament!), I failed to break 90 for I think two months.  These things happen. Can't hit an iron?  What's the longest swing you can make with your PW and hit a good result?  If the answer is a chip, go hit some chips and, after some good ones, expand into pitches.  Similar with pitches into 3/4 shots, etc.   This is very likely something you can work out by going back to what you do well.  
    • First range session after another productive session with @iacas.  Working on getting my weight forward and also feel like my front forearm is turning to close the clubface.  Did work with my 6I, Driver, 3W, and 4H and hit all clubs really well with ball flights that overall I wasn't unhappy with.  Playing tomorrow and Wednesday so we'll see how we do.    
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