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    • North Carolina weather is really nice right now. We had a lot of wet weather in February and March. I'm tired of playing in the mud, luckily it's great conditions at the moment but the heat is starting to kick in, so it's mornings or evenings for now. 
    • Power player, you'll routinely be 30+ yards behind my drives ;)
    • I'm not sure what kind of golfer I am. I can play alone or with anyone. I can play for $ and be serious about my game or go out and just play for the fun/relaxation of it. I tend to play to the level of my competition. The better the players I play with/against, the better I play. I also have learned over the past few years that some days I'm just not going to play as well as I do on others. I guess I'm a "go with flow" golfer?
    • Irons have responded really well to the priority pieces during my range sessions over the weekend. I am hitting more balls flush and less fats/thins as percentages of my shots than I ever have. Every swing I tuck some of my right shirt sleeve under my armpit to remind me to keep my right arm/elbow low.  I have been hitting some straight pulls now, not huge pulls, still in play if I was approaching a green, but a little time working on making my club path more neutral should fix that. I am getting more used to the proper feeling on the way back, I am slowly starting to think about the right arm on the downswing, but I really want to make sure I consistently get into the right position on the backswing before focusing on the downswing.   Driver has been hit or miss. Not fully confident with it at the moment, but having the feeling of hitting more level through the ball has helped with accuracy, and I don't know this for sure, but my AoA is still probably slightly positive on those (I was already 4-6 up previously, so those "level" feeling hits are probably 1-2 up). A slightly slower feeling tempo has helped too. In reality it probably doesnt look much different on camera, but the results so far seem to be much better.    Putting has been really solid, getting more and more used to not accelerating through the stroke. Spent some time on 6 foot putts, and managed to make 22/25 6 footers including like 14 or 15 in a row.
    • I'm a temperamental hack that, starting 7 years ago at age 35, has been trying to play golf as cheaply as possible. Now I find myself in quite a rut. Each of the past three years have started in brutal fashion. I slug it out and approach bogey golf by late summer and then back to square one the next year. My current level of frustration has caused me to take my first-ever lesson a couple of weeks ago from the Assistant Pro at my home courses. The fellow told me simply that I needed to stop gripping the club so hard and get rid of the tension. There's some truth to it and something I need to work on, but I suspect my issues run a lot deeper than that.  
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