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    • I'm also excited to see the Diablo 2 remaster when it comes out. Definitely spent a lot of time on D1 and D2, as well as Warcraft and Starcraft, back in the day.
    • Thanks for the explanations @saevel25 and @ncates00. I'll try and spin it up this weekend.
    • Does Phil's Ryder Cup record make a statement saying "I am the 3rd best player of all time"?  https://www.rydercup.com/news-media/phil-mickelsons-ryder-cup-career-record  
    • They're good games, if you like classic RPG's. I did when I was a kid. I loved FF, Pokemon, Legend of Dragoon, Suikoden, Dragon Quest, and several others when I was growing up. The gameplay used to be classic RPG stuff with some cool, at the time, graphics. Great stories and character development as well. You come to really like and attach to the characters. Some of them are more medieval in nature, while others are more futuristic. I like both settings to be honest. The games are definitely more linear/on the rails, but many of them have several optional side quests.  It's hard for me to rank them because I like a lot of them in different ways. Although, admittedly I'm not really a fan of the games after 10. Maybe part of that is my life getting busier post-10 or maybe I just grew out of them. However, 7-10 are probably my favorites, but I also really enjoyed 4, 6, and TACTICS. I have not played 7R. I don't play to do so. The game looks cool, but I'm not a fan of the big changes they made to the game's storyline. Maybe that's just the nostalgia kicking in, but I like for things to stay pretty much in line with traditional canon, but I also get that they want to bring in new audiences and not just make the same game, too. I do like how beautiful it looks and how the gameplay looks though. The gameplay sort of reminds me of an update of Dragon Age or KOTOR even. I'd like to hear @saevel25's take, if he'd like to share, on 7R. You seem like a FF "old head" lover of the old games (especially given your love of 9--one of my all-time faves) who came to enjoy 7R, so maybe you can convince me to give it a shot. I may have said this previously, but I have 7, 8, and 9 on my phone. Here's hoping 10 finally makes it to iOS one day. I'm very surprised by this. But there are fans of this game for some reason haha
    • This scene in Mythic Quest is funny. Doesn't spoil any of the main plotlines.  
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