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    • You cannot do that, no. It's not "still" allowed as it has never been allowed.
    • You don't. I mean, this isn't an opinion. You went one route — you don't know that route was the "best" because, again, you didn't have several alternate universes in which to test other methods that may have been better. Everyone's swing "repeats" to within a pretty small degree. I'm glad. Still doesn't change what I've said. Nobody that I know of here disagrees with that. They're disagreeing that the way you went about it should be followed by others. I'm pointing out the fact that you don't know if it was even the best plan for you. It's the one you chose, so you're going to believe in it, but you can't know. I'm glad you're happy. Thanks for adding the avatar.
    • Fair enough. I don’t play long irons anymore. I don’t play anything less than a 5 iron because I can’t generate enough clubhead speed. I use hybrids instead.    I don’t ignore drivers! I hit more driver than any other club. I worked my way into it as my consistency improved. That’s the message ... build a game based on solid mechanics.
    • Nobody disagrees that mechanics matter. You even said the swing doesn’t change that much. With that being said, I think practicing long irons along with short irons is a better plan to develop a solid game. And nobody is saying your plan sucks. I’m saying if I were to teach a group of beginners I wouldn’t just pull out a sand wedge and ignore the driver and long irons.
    • Yes, I do.  I'm fairly well off. I've taken lessons from a PGA Tour Player, a PGA Master Professional, a PGA pro, a club pro, the number one golf school in the country, a teaching pro, a Tour coach, a Top 50 Instructor, a Best in State instructor, and finally my current guru.  I ditched them all because I wanted to understand how to swing the club, properly. So I found an instructor whose philosophy I agree with and said, "I will only use you as my instructor. No one else."  My current instructor is great. He played the Tour and is retired from competition. He asked me my goals and looked at my swing. His assessment was "your scores are ok but ... you'll never be any good because you just don't have a swing that repeats. And to create a swing that repeats, you have to ditch that shit you're doing now." So I did.  The goal was to a) make solid contact, b) be able to compress the ball, and c) repeat some predictable shot path.  So I hit thousands of SW shots. Still do. Just to find the face of the club at impact. I've worked on rebuilding my swing over the last 2 years and am playing the best, most consistent golf of my life. I reworked the practice plan I use and it's now built on LSW principles. Combined with working on swing mechanics, I have a solid improvement plan. And I'm playing the best I've ever played. I won my flight in the club championship and can still fly a drive 260 yards. (I'm 60 years old.) My point is ... which no one apparently agrees with ... is mechanics matter. I used a SW to build a fundamentally repeatable swing based on solid impact. Because the swing doesn't change that much until you get to the woods. Regardless, this is the approach my instructor designed for me. And it is working. For me. Long story short, I'm very happy with the progress I've made because I have one instructor working with me on one swing philosophy and I have a practice plan (65/25/10) that supports what we are doing.  It is working for me now .. which honestly, is all I care about. If it helps the original poster, great! If not, I'm going to stay on track with my plan and hopefully, by year end, I'll be single digits.
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