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    • Umm... did you read my post... I said, I didn't see any benefit from it.  No idea why you are calling me an outlier. 
    • Those Mizuno's are good sticks and can easily be modified to what you need most likely. Length and grip size will not change unless you decide down the road to go off book because of arthritis or injury etc. Swing speed will in theory go up with better technique and practice but usually not so much that you would need to totally change flexes. Lie angle might change but can always be adjusted. Mizuno's can usually be bent easily so you can adjust as needed.
    • As much as I enjoy watching college sports (football and hockey specifically), it ought to be clear that the entire thing has grown into something ridiculous.  The demands put on "student-athletes" are really excessive. Pressure to field a winning team does make recruiting violations inevitable. The lack of real minor leagues for football and basketball deprive the athlete of any real alternative.  It makes sense for colleges to have recreational opportunities for their students. Inter-collegiate competition is a fine thing provided it can be done without putting the actual purpose of colleges and universities second (education).  What doesn't make sense is this.
    • been a while since I have seen it but at one point there was a study shown that showed it actually HURT. People who did the line missed more putts. e the line of people "well it helps me", good for you, overall the stats, at least in that study, said for most golfers it doesn't, and yes I am sure you are the outlier.   To the point it doesn't help...I have twice recently been paired with a guy who very carefully lines up the line, looks from above hole, looks from below the hole, looks from both sides, very carefully aligns it again...and leaves it 6' Does the process again, ships it 4' past the hole and misses by a foot on the low side. That dude can line it up as long and careful as he wants, but until he figures out pace and how to actually read a green, it is pretty worthless.    
    • And...you might meet a guy who will be your go to guy down the road...we were introduced to a fitter. Ended up buying from him...irons and wedges... Still using them...got all kinds of good golf info from him..picked up a used set of ping eye 2's last year for $100...brought to my guy (his house is his temporary covid 19 shop) and got my grips and extra wrap put on in 20 minutes while I waited. He fitted me for a driver three years ago...all in $350 plus almost three hours of time with him. You'll learn about swing speed, what shafts are probably best for you, lie...ask a ton of questions
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