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    • In one of David Feherty's books he responds to a question by a reader, who asked why when one pro golfer started putting their shades on their hats with the lenses in the back, everybody else followed. He replied, something like, "Because they all got calls from their agents telling the players not to cover up the logo on the hat! Those people are paying you money and Oakley, or whoever's re-entry shields you are wearing, are not! And if they are, where's my percentage?!"  Exactly! Boogie mentioned Euro soccer teams. The money some of those players get make some American sports look like absolute pikers! 
    • I changed it. Your title sucked and was not descriptive at all. Google and site search matter. Bingo. Choose better titles.
    • Nevets... Mr. Frost actually played this frustrating game! Robert Frost Suffers Depression after a Particularly Bad Round of Golf*Scores rising and hopes falling fast oh fast,On a golf course I played this weekend past.My effort, like my game, is out of bounds.My game’s a bag of botches first and last.The trees and ponds have them, they are theirs.My golf balls are smothered in their lairs.And just when I think my game’s come around,A double bogey takes me unawares.And those double bogeys will be more ere they be less.How many would be impossible to guess.My stock and store of curse words are expended;I can express nothing—there’s nothing to express.I am not fooled by talk of golf’s graces,As if it were a promised-land oasis.No Canaan looms to redeem my doffing game.I wander lost in its desert places.
    • I had the occasion to attend a few practice rounds for the WGC Bridgestone when it was at Firestone CC in Akron. The 4 tourney pin positions are marked on the greens with dots of paint. While the golfers are putting out their approach shots, the caddies move around the greens looking for those paint dots. They carry cup sized discs that they place over the paint dots, and the golfers then putt to them from various places on the green. I don't know if it's the same at the majors, but at the Masters everybody knows where the pins will be anyway!  I found one of those at a Goodwill store for $2.99! How could I not buy it? I never played it, but took it to the range and compared it to my current gamer. My experience was the same as yours. Then I gave to a friend who I actually bought it for. He maintained that he couldn't stand the "canteloupe on a broomstick" look of modern Drivers. 
    • Phil... you are on point on this topic.  I own a home that looks out over the bay and the islands beyond... I never take the view for granted.  I am blessed.  Beautiful sunsets every day of the year... when it's not raining.  But Bellingham has no view ordinance.  So my neighbor in front of me, who moved into her house without vegetation some years after I bought my place (and view) has decided she wants to live in "The Little House in the Woods" and has planted a forest around her house.  Her forest came to fruition last year and now I am losing some of my view.  Though reluctantly.  I am fighting back.  Definitely not a Third World problem.  But a big chunk of my property value is wrapped up in the view.  Maybe I should put up a 65' net!  And start having wild, loud parties every night.  You're invited.
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