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    • I have been diagnosed with fast-twitch muscles allowing me to hit a drive 280 yards.  But I probably couldn't carry a couch up the steps through the front door.  I have power and strength in short bursts.
    • First, I just thought it was interesting idea.  Maybe it'll work; maybe not.   I don't know if it is or not.  I said as much above.   It's not fair on its face, but again, the guy with more ball speed currently would have more clubs at the max ball speed to use--the other guy only has one.  The launch characteristics would lead to different distances so the longer player could still game the clubs.  Additionally, while driver for driver the longer guy would lose out, he still benefits through the bag because he has more speed--it would require less effort for him.  Plus, it's only the top number being affected.  The longer guy would still have shorter clubs in--the distance off the tee would just be more similar.  That's the whole point of the distance debate. Remember, if you read the report sent out--this mostly about driver distance.  Further, the orgs want there to be a balance of many skills.  Right now when you look at strokes gained, distance is at a premium.  The orgs want to bring balance by lowering the premium on distance by making it more even.  This would lower the importance of distance and put more emphasis on approach play.  Distance is giving too much of an edge and the orgs want to even it out a bit, so the argument goes.  It's not a bad one.  When you look at a conceptual pie chart of: driving distance, approach the green, around the green play, and putting--there's too much emphasis on driving distance to the point that it swallows up the other skills to a large degree.  It directly affects approach shots via shorter distances and shorter clubs, which as we all know, leads to closer proximity to the hole and more putts being made.  Go reread your own book. Again, it's not fair to the long ball hitter--it's not supposed to be.  It's an attempt to adjust and balance out the requisite skills to compete at the highest level.  Again, a ball speed limit, even if viable, would only affect the top players of the game, and would lessen the importance of distance, bringing balance to the skill palette.  
    • I've gotten it to work on iOS. Sorry, I can't help you with the Android stuff.
    • Nice to have a set of shiny new sticks to enjoy. But now, the real question - will you come on back here and let us know if it improved your game? Or are you scoring just the same as before?
    • Distance is positively correlated with scoring. My first time on a launch monitor was in my mid 30's testing a 3 wood, they thought it was busted because the computer said I was flying it 295. Pro comes over.  He hits gaggle of drives.  260-265.  Asks me what I hit into par 5 holes?   At 61 years old, my driver ball speed is only 165-168. I believe the gentleman claiming the balls speeds.  Some of it is genetic.  Some of it is a natural swing.  Some of it is mentality.  I wanted the fastest slapshot, longest homerun, longest snowball throw, longest discus, longest javelin.  All of this effort teaches you how to use the proper muscles. The slappers who tilt the wrong way?  Ha Ha
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