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    • I was at this event in Portland in 2010.....Juli Inkster was DQ'd for putting on a weighted donut for practice swings to keep limber after a long wait on a tee block....as a LPGA veteran, she should have known better. But the big story that week was Dina Ammacapane shaming a small kid who sign up to loop and was assigned Dina by the caddie master. https://www.eastoregonian.com/sports/inkster-dq-d-miyazato-leads-safeway-classic/article_c2e79d22-8251-5904-b5cf-15670b0c6c4d.html https://www.oregonlive.com/sports/oregonian/john_canzano/2010/08/canzano_lpga_golfers_short_fus.html    
    • Day 48 Back to my normal practice today. Slow swings with a foam ball focusing on eliminating OTT.  Started using a 4i in addition to my 7i hoping to figure out those longer irons which are killing me. Although, to be fair, I didn't really hit even my 7i well when I played yesterday. I was just off a bit on everything. Lots of thin shots with my irons other than my wedges. I feel like I'm close to moving on to other elements of my swing since the shallower swing and feels I use are starting to feel more natural to the point where I'm almost able to not think about them. 
    • 9/26/20 Update: I decided to go with @iacas's advice and try to start the ball more on 0* and just swing straighter (or even slightly to the right like every other club).  Why?  I loved the pull fade, but I felt I was chasing something and fighting my natural shape (a straight draw as Erik noted).  I walked 18 recently and shot a disappointing 83.  Too many re-tees and drops due to driver.  My approach play was quite good, but I didn't maximize my opportunities off the tee. Here were a few shots from yesterday.  I pretty much did what Erik suggested: try to just hit the ball straight.  haha.  sounds simple enough.  These numbers are very similar to what I do with my other clubs.  At first, it just didn't feel like I could do it with a driver because the ball is on a tee, and that makes me feel like I'm swinging to the left.  But, it seemed to work well.  Really all I did was put the ball position off my front foot, forward shaft lean (I do this with every club; butt of club pointed at my left hip area), point the Callaway arrow at 0*, feel behind the ball, and swing like I normally do for the most part (maybe swing a little right what feels like to me so I don't hit a push fade).  The results were pretty good.  More or less just straight balls with minimal curve, like my other shots.  My ball speed was in the ball park, maybe a little slower than where I'd like to see it, but I'm not a particularly fast player.  My launch does look a bit high though; maybe I'm adding too much loft through the shot?  That could be lowering my ball speed a bit from what I like to see. NOTE: I realize that GC2’s algorithm really likes low spin shots. It ain’t really carrying that far. Truth is, every single one of those shots is flying around 255-265 when you enter the data into flightscope's optimizer. It’s weird because I’ve looked into the algorithm stuff and noticed that it appears to occur only with clubs with less spin, e.g. driver and maybe a low spin 3w. It’s like once you get around 3k spin or less, GC2 overly rewards the carry number. With the other clubs, it’s pretty much spot on. For instance, I know with my 5i if I get my 127-130 mph ball speed range, it’ll fly 185-190.  It appears that once I grab my 5w or less, the numbers match up on the Gc2, flightscope projections, and what I see on course; I just have to remember that when I hit my driver or I catch a low spinner with my 3w that the results will not be as optimistic as the machine reads. NOTE 2: If I should move this to my swing thread, let me know @boogielicious.
    • Swinging a club with its headcover on is perfectly legal.  There are some with zippers which stay on!  I've asked USGA.  
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