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    • Rules question, really thinking towards the 2022 challenge, as this won't come up in 2021.  I plan to maintain my membership at the course I've considered to be my home course since 2008.  However, I now live nearly an hour drive from there, and will probably also join a club closer to me (TBD, and one of them has two courses).  Would it be okay (assuming we continue this in 2022, which I hope we do) if I have two "home courses" (or three, if I join the club with two courses), and use away composite for "not one of those"?  
    • Just played Freshwater Golf Club on the Isle of Wight today whilst on holiday. Never played this course before and also forgot my Garmin watch (grrr). Point is only had 8 clubs and putter, D 3h 4 6 7 8 9 SW P. To be honest it was plenty of equipment 14 is too many. Played to handicap. 
    • Shot 82 yesterday, 14 GIR/nGIR, 29 putts, zero penalty strokes. Ball striking was pretty good. No exceptional shots, but all my misses were manageable, except one approach that I toed so bad I almost missed the ball completely. Driver contact was higher on the face the usual, which resulted in some higher and shorter drives.  After putting in some practice time on chipping and pitching last week, there was a noticeable improvement in my short game. I had 5 GIR, and each birdie putt was in a makeable range, but none dropped, but made up for it with some 1-putt pars, including a sand save.
    • I'm in Southeast Florida.  The course I typically play has reduced rates for the off season between the end of April until the end of August.  Sometimes rates further reduce in the afternoon.  Afternoons during the summer would be the time you can likely find the lowest rates.  People avoid those times due to the heat.  Rates are highest between fall and spring.  Peak is typically Thanksgiving to Easter when seasonal resident (snowbird) play is at its highest.
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