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    • Day 117.  I spent well over five minutes trying to figure out my timing via the tempo app, as per Erik's Covid-19 drills day 8.  I think I got it (85 bpm) and got some practice with that and the app in;  I'll aim to get some video to see if I'm doing this right before doing the second half of the drill.
    • I lipped out an eagle putt on the #2 hc hole, but tapped in the remaining 1 footer for birdie. It was on hole #5 which was vacant of a birdie on the excel sheet. My driver was working well for me today. - 8 at this point. 
    • Doing some mirror (window at night) swing work, where I look up to see how far I am taking the swing to feel the length of the swing with different tempo's. Right now I am feeling the length of the swing more with my right arm position and body turn. 
    • This chart really doesn’t say, but was standard swingweight a little different in the old days? You would think shorter clubs would play a little flatter anyway… am I reading too much into this?
    • Great final round - very enjoyable day. Kudos to Rahm for winning a big one and to Louis for a pretty fine round. Kudos to BDC for not throwing things on the course after what was a very poor showing.
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