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Welcome to the "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge for 2018! Please read as the rules have changed! Yes, for all of 2018! I'm changing it up. Rather than do this monthly, we're going to hav

3/31/18: Day 365: The post you've all been waiting for.  I did some more work with my A4 to A5 drills. I know it seems like it's monotonous and stupid... But yesterday after I posted I

Day 462 - April 4, 2021 Played 18 holes with @Hardspoon and then a nine-hole scramble with @NatalieB. Shot 30 on the latter nine, and around par with the first 18. I haven't gone through the roun

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Day 270

This morning it was 40 yard shots, where I had to carry a bunker, and clear a 4' burm on the far edge of the bunker. 

Idea was to land the ball on the far side, down slope of the burm, so the ball would roll down hill to the practice pin. Since everything is semi rough where I was practicing, which rules out much roll, if any, just hitting the down slope was good enough. Hit 28 balls with mostly positive results. No balls in the bunker anyways.

Next, I moved up about 10 yards, and hit flop shots at the pin. 

Idea was to clear the bunker, and the burm, while dropping the ball near the pin. A drop and stop shot. Hit 14 balls, with one ball rolling back into the bunker. Knocked it close, out of the bunker with one stroke. 

Focus with all 42 shots was alignment, aim, one piece take away, with a good swing tempo. On the flops I opened up the club face, keeping it square to the pin, and opening my stance a little.

I was happy with the overall, positive reults with this morning's practice effort. Will be playing 18 a little later to day. M

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Day 13: 

Wedge day! Took all four of my wedges and worked on full and flighted wedges. Pretty good day. Worked on different trajectories and distances and which clubs worked best for different scenarios. Only downside was hitting off a mat, though I think sound and feel gave me a pretty good indicator if I caught the ball fat and just got lucky off the bounce of the mat. 30+ minutes at the range today...maybe closer to 45 minutes. 

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Day 80

Spent the day looking over the results of my day on the Launch Monitor .  It does show a strong basic working technique for someone who is just a year away from physical limitations and regaining ways to play the game.  

Distance and separation os distance from club to club is solid, but we will see if my ball speed may move a bit further.  If not, then I have the knowledge in club selection to play a game for myself. 

Yes there is lot I have never through of, spin rates on my wedges and other irons.  That is something I never considered since starting playing in 1969 as way AoA for my drivers.  I will be aware of them moving forward.

As a teacher of voice, I am aware of such aspects of technologies in the vocal world. Even then, concentrating on aspects help me as a coach and teacher more than the performer.  Once the performance starts, that does not matter.  

I suspect, such readings I have now generated in terms of my golfing, it may help my coaches in aspects of my game.  I am not sure if I will think of any reading on the 7th hole of my next round.

But I will recall them at my next coaching sessions.

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DAY 308  Squeezed in 5 minutes of putting practice at the condo ... when I got back from a busy day at our new home.  Movers delivered and we unpacked most of it... then new bedroom furniture delivery, ....  now time to sleep!!   

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Day 1

Did about 40 minutes of indoor putting practice, mostly 3" and 5" trying to to hit with a little less speed. I'm trying to overshoot by 6-12' now after reading a bit about Aimpoint.

I'm joining this tread to put a bit of pressure on myself not to skip out on practice when I'm tired after a long day. I'm realize I'm a bit late to the party but recently joined TST and just found this tread and I hope I can keep it up for the rest of the year.

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Day 236 - September 27, 2018 - So my old feelings, plus the shoulder down piece, are really very good. It helps with quite a bit, and gets me back to a point where small adjustments can affect ball flight and shape. Really very positive.

It was funny, though, toward the end I hit a bunch of 3-woods. I was being a bit lazy with the arms, and the shoulder down feeling made me feel as though I was closer to the ball than I should be, so I was literally topping them or heeling them badly. So I put the ball on a tiny tee (barely above the ground), trusted the way my shoulder was working, and pulled the arms down. BAM, higher and farther than before. Hit a few off the ground to finish, and same thing.

Tiny differences can have big effects, particularly on the 3W.

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DAY 81:

Busy non-golf demands will limit my practice to the 10 minutes of swinging my 5 iron off my mat.  No golf balls of any kind hit, focused on the total body movement of a basic full swing.

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Day 271

Full swings with my longer clubs on the DR this morning. Driver, 3w , 5w, 7w, 2i, 3i, and 4i. First time I have ever practiced with all these clubs at the same time. I don't carry all of them in my bag at the same time. 

Focus was on landing the ball in, or near my make shift fairway. My preshot rountine was also a focal point, since it includes my practice swing, aim/alignment, stance, posture, and maybe a little waggle. 

Once I was ready, I focused on my one piece take away to the top. A smoothe transition into my down swing, and into the inside rear of the ball, following through into my finish. No, I don't pose very long, if at all. 

All in all it was a decent practice session. I did hit a few stinkers with my driver, and 5w. I have never been totally confident when using my 5w. Driver problems were due more to not using it very much the past few months. 

Small basket of 40-50 balls

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Day 22.  Hit 18 balls (mat, indoors, into net, real balls) while showing off the golf room to a guest (speaking of which, I should do a write-up of what I have for the thread where I was talking about creating it).  Actually, it was more like three balls while showing off to a guest, then 15 where they had left the room, then I realized they weren't still in the room.  So the downside is I neglected my guest for a bit.  The good news is, I narrated what I was practicing, which I'd like to believe helped me focus (I will not try that at a range though).

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Day 238 - September 29, 2018 - Putted early while watching the U.S. team suck at golf. Focused mostly on the takeaway and setup - my wrists were getting a little high and I was opening the face a tad going back.

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Day 272

Out early this morning to hit 150 (carry) yard shots. Short game area has a pin/grass area that allows for this shot, where I can use my own game balls. Lots of folks use this area. The landing area around the pin offers very little roll. Maybe 3-5 feet. 

Focus was on aim, alignment, stance, posture, one piece take away, smoothe transition into the down swing from the top, retaining lag, swing speed/tempo (balance), and follow through after ball impact. A lot of stuff, but most is tied in with each other. There's probably a couple of things I left out. 

Target was not the flag. It was a hillside left of the flag. Idea was to hit the slope which made the ball bounce towards the flag.  

Hit 56 balls. Probably 55% were what I would call pretty good for me. I would either be putting, or short chipping depending on green size.  35%, although  "iffy" were probably useable for a pitch, and putt. The other 10% were why I practice. 

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  • iacas changed the title to "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge

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    • Day 94 (10 Apr 21) - Played 36 today, flew solo, so there was plenty opportunity to work with club selection, shot types...big focus was approach shots, esp from 150yds in. Worked on approach shot scenarios - based on distance out, and what club combo would work best.  Good day of field application of the LSR guiding principles....
    • Wow...matsuyama winning would be huge. 😒 He’s going to have a pull a Greg Norman to lose. 
    • A first for me as I played 36 today - flying solo (used a golf cart as my foot would not let me walk that far) so it was pretty quick playing. This was at the other local course that I will spend a lot of time at this year.  Rd 1 was an 88 (45/43, 7/14 fairways, 37 putts) - big takeaway, driver was consistent, putting okay - greens are still lumpy, bumpy, irons inconsistent). Rd 2 was a 93 (46/47, 10/14 fairways, 34 putts) complete with a birdie on 2. Putting was more consistent.  With the course’s greens in less than optimal shape, approaches bordered on serious pin hunting. Side note - played up one set of tees in 2nd rd - to see if there would be a significant score change.  Overall an enjoyable time of working through shot scenarios and seeing what worked and what didn’t.  
    • Splitting a towel is like splitting a baby. They'll have to have a sudden death playoff. Guessing he streamed it on his phone via the Masters app.
    • Nice. So, how are they? What do you like about them that is different than regular ones. Thanks 
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