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Welcome to the "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge for 2018! Please read as the rules have changed! Yes, for all of 2018! I'm changing it up. Rather than do this monthly, we're going to hav

3/31/18: Day 365: The post you've all been waiting for.  I did some more work with my A4 to A5 drills. I know it seems like it's monotonous and stupid... But yesterday after I posted I

Day 67.  Played in a club tournament.  Shot an 83 (no birdies, nine pars).  Three double bogeys:  a GIR + 4 putts, plus two three-putts after missing greens (one from sand, one from a short sided pitc

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Day 38 - (Feb 11 2021) - Pitch drills today with the 58* wedge.  Focus on getting the bounce happening and rotating through.  Did sort of a "reverse" gate drill - where I used my grandson's football goal set about 10' from the hole (landing zone) and hitting to the hole from about 15yards out.  Goal - to get through the goal posts, land the ball and have it stop within 3' of the hole.  Great exercise to getting to feel the bounce and turning thru the swing to get the ball up and down.  End result - about 40% of the balls were within the desired landing area.  The balance - about 10% was the occasional bladed ball and the others were on line, just way short (landing 10'-15' from the hole).  Interestingly that is where the goal post was sitting - makes me think my mind was projecting "land at the goal" instead of "land after going through the goal posts at the hole".   

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Day 41 - Working with Mirror Vision on my backswing, hoping to film for Evolvr later today or tomorrow.

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DAY 69  February 10th.  I spent 45 minutes on the range working on improving my rotation back and through the ball, as well as working my lower body properly... to eliminate early extension.   Then went out to play a round of golf.  Shot 75 without a single birdie...and only got up and down 1 time of the 4 missed greens.  Played from the senior tees,... one of my goals for this year is to shoot 3 rounds in a row of par or better from these tees before I move back a set of tees.  My last four rounds have been 77, 79, 78 and now 75.  Hit the ball really well, made one really bad swing and it cost me.  Now back to the range in the morning to keep working on the swing and then to the chipping green... 25% conversion rate sucks.!!   AND a SHOUT OUT to the Super Speed Challenge, ... since I am hitting my drives and irons further... thanks

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Day 424:

Did some COVID-19 day-5 and day-21 (low point control) drills, and then it started raining. I'm hitting ball first, but still not quite covering the ball as much as I want to. AoA seems to be slightly improved, but full swing video shows my sternum still hanging back a bit, and launch angle via Mevo are still higher than what I am looking for. Struggling to find a feel or drill that gets the last little bit. Did some slow motion swing mapping inside after watching an AMG video on covering the ball, but didn't get a chance to do any mid-speed ball striking after the swing mapping due to the rain.

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Day 410 - February 11, 2021

Dishwasher hose installed. Still got a little water in the bottom after running it one cycle, though. I may check the filter next, though water did drain easily when I disconnected the hose. So who knows…

Anyway, just some slow rehearsal swings today while on some business calls.

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Day 39 (Feb 12 2021) - rainy day today.  Putting drills focusing alignment (rolling the white line on the putting mat) and tempo.  

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DAY 71  February 12th    First I have to admit I messed up... I had two day 69s!!!  So yesterday was really day 70, and of course that means today is Day 71.  

Worked through the Super Speed Level 1 Protocols.  Then spent almost 3 hours on the range.  The first part was focused on doing drills, and slow swings to help ingrain the Six Positions of the swing taught at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy.  Then focused on drills to help me stay in my posture and eliminate early extension.  Then I finished this portion is 5 generic motion drills designed to improve my rotation around my torso, ...     Finished the session by hitting a lot of balls to targets that were 50 and 75 yards away.  Improving my proximity when hitting wedges is one of my goals as I get ready for a summer of scrambles!!  AND lowering my score during regular rounds.

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Day 425:

Had to go on site for work today, and spent quite a long time dealing with various issues so I was too tired for superspeed. While I was at work, I found a move on AMG for "recentering" during the backswing, which seems similar to the flow concept from COVID-19 practice plan drills. I did a bunch of slow motion rehearsals of this move without a club in my office and in the clean rooms where I was working.

When I got home I put the concept to work with some slow swings hitting a ball, and then worked up to full speed. It was too dark for video, but I tracked my swings with Mevo and my average launch angle dropped ~3 degrees, so I think there is some benefit to this move. I still think that a 21 degree launch for 7-iron is probably too high, but I'm hopeful this has corrected the change in my AoA that has occurred over the last 1.5 months.

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DAY 72 February 13th  For today and the next week, my daily five minutes will look almost the same.   I am chairing a group of volunteers at this weeks LECOM Suncoast Classic golf tournament -- A Korn Ferry Tour event here in Sarasota, FL.  The days will start early and I will be busy.  We start tomorrow by organizing all the volunteer clothing, and then open up on Monday morning at 7 a.m. to support a Pro-Am.

So today and every day I will be doing the same drills in my garage.  Standing with my rear close to the wall, I will be taking backswings so that the club barely touches the wall, and on the downswing my hips stay in contact with the wall.  This along with the other drills I have been doing have really helped me improve my ball striking.   So I will be doing it for at least 5 minutes a day until I can again get out on the course which will be in 10 days from now on February 24th.

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    • Slow play is not keeping up with the group in front, unless its a group of really fast players.   The question is how to remedy it.  I play with guys who shoot high 70’s low 80’s whose pre-shot routines are intermidable.  In addition they are elderly and just move slow.  So as the young-un in the group I rush, especially on the green.  They play from the correct tees, it just takes them forever to go thru their routine.   Yesterday I played as a single.  Arrived at the course at 3 and was told to be off before 5 due to league play. I finished in 92 mins and played thru two other groups.  My goal is to not 3 putt and no 7’s on the card.  Shot 85. High scores does not automatically mean slow play.  
    • Day 63, July 27, 2021: Three-quarter swing work again today, hey I may lose a little bit of distance, but I know where the ball is going. Rinse, Repeat, keep working on it kind of deal. I’m having small successes with the 3/4 swing so something must be working.
    • Day 153.  Before grocery shopping, I stopped at a putting green and worked for half an hour on 3' and 30' putts.  The end of the 3' practice included taking 17 shots to finish all 12 for my clock drill (not great, but not as bad as a month ago) and the 30' finished with my final six putts from 30' (due to this green, they weren't significantly different on the clockface, so I'm still getting a similar read, but I know better than to assume it.  And of course, I had to hit them the right speed) with a total of 11 strokes (five 2-putts and I also sank one). After lunch and before gym, I did the quarantine days 9 (again, with feedback from yesterday) + 10 (which took a while to get right... I'm not even sure I got it right, video to show up later today). Addendum:  I haven't figured out my trigger for the day 10 practice plan.  That's going to take me a bit more thought
    • MD: 89 (Black/Orange combo tees): 89. Up and down sandy on 17th was nice. One of my better sand shots of the week.  SV: 98 (Black tees).. Tough day. Bit too much of a course for me from black tees. Drive on 18 uphill was a bright spot that stood out though.  SV: 89 (Orange tees).. phew.. much better. 2nd shot on 16 uphill from 198 out over bunker with a borrowed 3 iron (thanks @DeadMan.. :-)) that dropped and stopped within a two feet for a kick-in might be the shot of the week for me.  LL: 92, 92 back-to-back on the same day. Tried my darndest hard to break 90 but couldn't twice. Best shot 8 iron on 7th par 3 from 155 for a bird.  Lac La Bell: 107. Forgettable day score-wise except for holes 15-16 where I finally hit couple of good drives.  
    • Pretty amazing for a $500 box. Close enough for me.  
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