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Puzzle Solving Thread


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On 1/1/2018 at 1:51 PM, iacas said:

I'm back. Took me 9:00 exactly. I kept thinking I needed to find a corner piece but I already had it, because the puzzle was smaller than I thought it was.

8:59 :-P

I noticed the first thing that popped up was a "share your time on TST" button.  I thought that it might happen automatically but I guess not. ;)

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    • What if you don’t have a thyroid? Asking for a friend.
    • I'm wondering what people are doing out there regarding the setup for a 3rd shot.  Here's the scenario: 400 yd. hole.  Driver is hit 210 and in the fairway.  Now what: 1 try to make the green with a 3h, but often when the ball travels 170+ it starts to fade or hook a little, with a potential of winding up in the greenside bunker. 2 try to get to 90y, and use my favorite club in the bag (GW) to make the green in 3.   3 use something in-between like a 7h and wind up maybe 40/30y from the green for an easy chip and run why the dilemma: #1  seems a shame to waste an opportunity to get on the green in 2.  But, do the bunkers as a percentage hurt worse than resigning myself to 3 onto the green? #2  yes, the GW is my favorite club, but 90y is still 90y.  If I hit that shot 10 times, would it be on the green as often as a LW or pitch and run from 30y.  Also, will a 30y pitch and run be closer to the pin than a 90y GW? #3  a LW or pitch and run from 30y will likely get on the green.  But, that means I'm on in 3, rather than being on in 2 if I choose option #1. percentage wise, I think #3 is a better option than #2, and with a 7h, the bunker is no longer in play.  Also, the 7h doesn't need to go straight.  It just needs to go somewhat straight for 150y.  With the GW at 90y, while it is a more controllable club (in terms of going straight), it better go straight or there's a chance of being in the bunker. How do some of you think through this scenario?
    • Might be healthier than some of them that have tons of sugar, or other things found in energy drinks. 😉
    • Sometimes I hit a wedge off the back-top horizontal pole and it rebounds off pretty hard. I won't admit to hitting vertical poles.
    • Day 5 - PP: straighter right elbow with 8i x 10mins in backyard. I also incorporated my new to rehearse (and get consistent with) a pre-shot routine
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