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Hey everybody my name is Jay and I wanted to post some info on a new high end club company that I'm working with. The company is called Sub 70 and will produce ultra high end, custom built, direct to consumer golf equipment. Everyone involved with the project loves golf and we wanted to create a golf company, and golf clubs, that other passionate golfers would be excited about. We want the products and company reputation to sell itself. We're focused on the technology + the brand, and we won't be pumping releases out every year in order to chase spent advertising dollars. We're really excited about it and I'd be happy to answer any questions you guys have.  A few quick notes that are relevant...

We are not under the same ownership/management as the Sub 70 clothing line that some of you may be aware of. We own the trademark and will be focusing on providing premium, custom fit, factory direct golf equipment. 

We're aiming for a Spring 2018 launch and should have a full product line at that time. R&D + other business planning started in late 2016. We've been working with third party testing services to make sure the clubs perform as good or better than other products on the market. Very small final adjustments are being made but everything will go into full production soon.

Our club making facility is located in Sycamore, Illinois...about 60 miles west of Chicago. Everything will be built when ordered and we can conduct fittings at the facility.

Pricing will be very affordable. I can't give any specifics yet, but you're probably looking at a minimum of a 30-40% discount compared to major brand iron sets. Stock iron shafts will be either KBS or DG and we'll have any aftermarket shafts you want. On top of that, we'll have a very liberal warranty/return policy.

We're able to offer this pricing due to low marketing and sales expenses, partnerships with other golf product companies, and a factory direct model which avoids any distribution or retail expenses.

One example of a current partnership is True Temper. TT has created three unique Sub 70 ProjectX graphite shafts for our drivers and fairway woods. These are premium shafts that the experts at ProjectX designed with complete creative control. We simply asked them to create what they think is the ideal low, mid and high launch shaft. These will be "stock" shafts for the woods, but again, and aftermarket shafts will be available as well.

Our website is being worked on now. Our facebook, twitter and instagram are all live though. We also just launched a podcast that will cover a wide variety of golf topics. We will not be discussing Sub 70 there, but it's another outlet for some creative golf content and discussion. We've already conducted an interview with Mark Calcavecchia, which will be published soon, and have other interviews with Bobby Clampett, Adam Beach (Not allowed because of spam) and Shaun Micheel scheduled. 

Last but not least, attached is a photo of the MB iron. The cavity back iron will look similar and they'll have uniform lofts for combo iron sets. 

If you have any questions let me know.  Thanks.



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3 minutes ago, GolfSub70 said:

Resurrecting this thread from way back, but we officially launched today!  You check out the site here.  If you have any questions let me know!

If you wouldn't mind, please send an email to me at erik@thesandtrap.com.

Thank you.

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