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    • Hope everyone is safe and sound! I have what I think is a very unique problem which is killing me. I'm currently playing off 14, but can't break 90. Two years ago, I was an 11, regularly playing my HC or lower. I've battled and overcome the putting yips but can't for the life of me figure this one out. Over the last two years, i made some ill advised swing changes ( I had a very laid off swing, an in to out oath and not enough hip rotation). One of these changes was to set my wrists very early in the back swing.  Anyway, my trouble right now is with the driver. On the range, I can hit both fades and draws. But when I get on the course, I can't get the ball in the air. Right at the top of my backswing, a fear/dread/ anxiety takes over and if I pause too long, I can't bring the club back. And if somehow I manage to, I either top it, or hit a disgusting low snap hook b cause my hands aren't turning over or have turned too much. This goes on and on.  Is this all mental? Sure seems so. But I can't be sure. Any advice or help will be super appreciated.  
    • I'm not sure if you really just don't get it or are just being disingenuous, at this point.  You have called for tighter fairways and longer rough and maybe bunkers in the landing zone of big hitters.  No, that DOESN'T affect every player on the course.  It only affects guys that hit it that far.  Hitting it far and accurate has almost always been a Hallmark of great players.  One of the things that made Bobby Jones great was the way he could dominate the par 5s.  Same with Arnie.  Same with Jack.   If the fairway is 30 yards wide at the 280 mark, it should be (at least) 30 yards wide at the 320 mark.  And if so, it is ALREADY harder for the guy who hits it 320 to hit the fairway because of simple geometry.  But you're not content with that, you want to slim that fairway down to 20 or 25 yards at the 320 mark and make it even harder.  As if there is something wrong with hitting it far. There really are 2 different aspects to this whole discussion.  One is the problem of increasing distances making classic courses obsolete for top level play if they don't have or can't acquire extra land to lengthen the course.  I'm not sure that problem is solvable without equipment restrictions.  But there's another, insidious in my opinion, aspect where folks want to use this general distance problem to change the competitive balance of the game and effectively, punish one particular skill - hitting the ball long.  And considering that the long guys don't, on average, gain more strokes off the tee than other players gain by the strengths of THEIR games, I see no justification for interfering with the competitive balance of the game by punishing one particular skill. 
    • I have, yeah. That's the system I use for my partial wedges, and I know all my yardages for a 1/2, 3/4, full backswing with different wedges, I just really struggle with finding the consistency in actually making that length of backswing.
    • Completely agree and was going to keep typing out a lot more stuff but felt I already wrote a big enough wall of text! I feel like this approach works for me because in the back of my mind I've always been intrigued by these types of clubs but always stayed away from them because of the whole "you're not scratch or a pro so you're not good enough to play those" debate. I'm glad I don't care about stuff like that anymore and I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger and got some of my own to personally test/play with. I'm also not writing off ball data so I hope I did not come across as thinking it doesn't matter, obviously it does matter and it is very helpful to a lot of us players and to the fitters, etc out there to get the right club in our hands! Even though my statement may sound like I'm not a "data guy" that is not true. I got fitted last year and I also just had a lesson hitting with a FlightScope so I know where my game is and what I need to work on, I also track my rounds and record stats, etc, etc. For me going the route of MBs is more of a personal thing more than anything else, I wanted to know if I could hit them well enough to play them and I can, I also wanted to get away from this whole era of jacked loft's on clubs and get back to a more traditional club. I'm a bit of a purist and always had a thing for Titleist so that also matters to me as well. I only get to play on the weekends these days so at best I'm getting like 2 rounds a week in and that also includes any kind of practice, which most of the time means I'm going to practice a little before or after my round. So with that limited amount of time I decided I wanted to play Golf how I wanted to play it and do it using the gear I truly wanted to use!
    • Have you read this topic yet? Might help you rely less on feel and more about focusing on swing length. I have a specific swing length for multiple clubs on 10 yd increments from 40-130 yards with multiple wedges.  
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