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    • Hi Erik - I posted a swing on my old My Swing site, but I noticed that it got buried into the old content. Is there a way delete or archive the old content. Not sure if others will be able to find the new swing I posted. Thanks. 
    • Thank you. I just purchased 2 used Cleveland CBX wedges with 54 and 58 degrees loft for $100. I never hit full shot with the wedges. With 1/3 shots, I get 40 and 30 yards with these clubs. Anything within 100 yards, I used my AW (50 and 75), PW (60 and 90) and 9 (70 and 100) with either 1/3 or 2/3 swings.
    • I sort of had the opposite problem. For a number of years, maybe more than 10, I have been playing with multifocal glasses and had adjusted to the narrow vision field, the need to look at things through the proper part of the glasses, etc. I had seemingly no problem playing golf with them, except at dusk when my depth perception seemed slightly different, and taking my eyes off the ball for even a minute moment would mean I could never could get back on it. With my current swing (and improved) swing, I noticed that when I take the club back, my head/eyes turn away from the ball slightly and due to the narrower than normal field of vision of the multifocal glasses, the ball is now blurry at the top of the backswing, and that I can't regain the focus on the ball before impact. Sure, I can play with that but what if I didn't have to? As my far vision has slightly improved with age, while my near vision is essentially the same as before and essentially all the golf activities are with the far vision, I decided to try some sunglasses for golf made with only the long distance prescription. Voila, no more ball out of focus. There are two drawbacks to this approach: a) I need to lift my glasses to deal with the scorecard (or the phone where I record my score) and b) the problem at dusk is even more severe now as I must revert to my multifocal glasses when the light is too low to handle sunglasses... and spend time to readjust the vision to the multifocal lenses and hit a ball now pretty guaranteed to be out of focus. I try to book tee times when I can finish more than an hour to half an hour at ahead least from the official sunset time. But overall, I thing it was a good change. PS: Contact lenses were never an option due to a) astigmatism and b) I once, many may years ago, had to fight an eye doctor for several hours to get them out of my eyes after an afternoon try!
    • The thing with contacts is that the lens is sort of like being part of the eye, as opposed to having a lens(glasses) that is offset away from the eye, which can introduce distortions. I just have the distance type contacts, and just use them to play golf. I don't know have experience with progressive contacts, but they are available. My single vision contacts work well, but I would like to try the progressives.
    • That must really be obnoxious. You know, if they are going to have that silly box, at least make it the least imposing as possible.
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