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Using 8 Clubs This Year

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My minimalist rounds when I was 30 yrs younger  were always

3 wood, 3,5,7,9, SW and putter. Could always draw or fade the clubs for gapping.

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  • iacas changed the title to Using 8 Clubs This Year

I normally play with 12 but the other day I played with 6 and did not feel too disadvantaged. My score increased by only 3 strokes. I personally think 14 clubs is too much for the average let me stress that word again AVERAGE golfer who normally plays maybe 3 times per month and does not practice during the week. Going with 8 clubs I feel would not be a bad idea. 

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Just curious, is there a significance to carrying 8 clubs, as opposed to 9 or 10 or 7?

i’ve been told by my teacher that as a college player his coach would send the team out to practice with a putter and one club of their choice.  He said it helped them learn that club very well. You knew all of its capabilities. If you extend that logic to your own bag set, the fewer clubs you carry, the better you get to know the clubs you do carry and what they each do in various situations.

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Just played Freshwater Golf Club on the Isle of Wight today whilst on holiday. Never played this course before and also forgot my Garmin watch (grrr). Point is only had 8 clubs and putter, D 3h 4 6 7 8 9 SW P. To be honest it was plenty of equipment 14 is too many. Played to handicap. 

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51 minutes ago, Manx995 said:Never played this course before and also forgot my Garmin watch (grrr). 

The worst! Love the 8 clubs. 

53 minutes ago, Manx995 said:

 Never played this course before and also forgot my Garmin watch (grrr). 


The worst!



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I had 11 clubs in the bag for a long time and recently bought a twelfth club.  But realistically I would only use about 7 to 8 clubs on a regular basis. Driver, 2h (just purchased and not played yet), 4h, maybe 7 to PW, SW or LW when I needed a flop or bunker shot and the putter of course

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    • Day 277: Play 18 in a light rain this morning. Played ok with some good drives and shots, but also some missed right.
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