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Golf Channel vs Golfweek Am tour

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Stay away from GolfWeek Am tour in Birmingham. Director has ethical issues. Be aware that whatever flight you register the play in that he will likely move you to a different flight after 1 or two rounds, and he’s even move people before they played their first round. Once you’ve paid your money, there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ve heard better things about other tours but Birmingham tour is one you should definitely avoid.

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I’ve played in both, the GC Tour in the Seattle area and the Golfweek Tour in Charleston South Carolina. I would say competition wise based on what Flight you played in there wasn’t much of a difference.  Cost is the major difference. The GC events were on average higher. That is driven by two things; the courses played and the person running that Tour.  I think it’s important that whomever runs the Tour has to have the knowledge on how to run the event.  There are requirements to whomever that person is. The Seattle tour almost folded due to mismanagement and actually had to replace the guy who ran the Tour.  He was replaced with this young women who knew what she was doing, the Tour actually flourished with her in charge.  I digress a bit, my 3 buddies and I played most of the events, especially the private tracks you couldn’t otherwise play. Carpooled together, had a bunch of fun and occasionally won an event (Flight).  The Charleston Tour has a guy that knows what he’s doing!  He would actually work with the Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head guys and do joint events. That was a plus!  Overall you probably wouldn’t notice which is better, it’s about who you play with in your Flight and just having fun.

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GOLF Am Tour Players — As you are aware, the GOLF Am Tour made the difficult decision to cancel all local and regional major events (including the 2020 National and Senior National Championships) due to complications...


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    • Looking at the 2020 Symetra player priority list...from your 1st post....I thought it was Kristy McPherson...she's won under $2.5M...but she's not a long hitter....then I thought it might be Vicky Hurst (a fairly long hitter).....but she's toiled longer on the Symetra vs. LPGA...and won about only $1.6M...both have been on Solheim teams. If #1 really has been a LPGA leader in driving distance a few years ago...I'm thinking Joanna Klatten...but she's made less than $500k and not been on a Solheim. So unless the info on Pro #1 is incorrect....I'm struggling who on the Symetra fits the info provided. The members had/have a big intangible.....course knowledge....IMO....it might be worth 1 or 2 strokes per rd.....IMO....member #1 had a bit on an advantage not having to play in the group with the gals (nerves) and the ability to watch them a bit in the group ahead....hope he plays with the gals in rd 2 & 3. The Symetra pros play for a living...no surprise on their process, work ethic and day to day muscle memory....I believe the members all have regular day jobs and just naturally talented golfers. Symetra pros are talented.....and yes we are not comparing them to the LPGA premier pros in this thread....but there's a bit difference in talent and mental toughness of elite LPGA pros.....especially the top 30. Glad you're having a great time playing with the gals....it's always GREAT playing golf with really TALENTED female golfers which is so rare to play a random rd of golf with.
    • Realistically the men have three advantages. 1) Length - Here I am assuming the men are bigger and stronger and all of you are playing off the same tees. 2) Strength - In a scenario where you are in deep rough, in a plugged bunker lie etc, where strength is an asset, like gouging out a ball. 3) Home course experience and knowledge - Yes, the ladies are members of the course, but they will probably play it a couple of times a year at best, whereas the men will probably be playing it 2 to 3 times a week. If the men are able to convert this properly, maybe the +2 golfer has a chance.  The scratch and 2 golfers will be out of their depth, and the +2 golfer will be struggling unless things go his way. I normally would have said not a hope in hell, especially against the Solheim Cup player, but the above give the +2 a glimmer of hope, though nowhere close to 50:50. More like 20:80.
    • Yep, agree.  But as mentioned in my previous post he chooses to play to his strengths.    We are veering way off course.  The intent of this thread was to provide a real-world experience of low cappers playing against established women professionals.  I have been around this game an awfully long time, had the luxury of playing against some Nike Tour players back in the mid 90's and some senior tour players in the early 2000's...both times I was throttled and left in awe of just how good those guys were/are.   However, this opportunity to play with the women was nothing short of extraordinary.  And I know many of you have often wondered how your game would fare against women professionals.....hopefully this thread will provide a little insight from multiple perspectives.     
    • That sounds interesting.  Can you elaborate?  Perhaps you should start charging the kid a million dollars per lesson.
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