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    • Dude, calm the F down. He never said he wasn’t for the vaccine. Just because he doesn’t think it should be compelled by government force doesn’t mean he’s not for it. I was one the first people I know personally to get it (because healthcare professionals’ spouses could get a vaccine in my area; my wife is a FNP), but that doesn’t mean I think the government should make everyone get it—even though it likely can do so constitutionally under law (although government officials ha e already indicated that they will not mandate the vaccine). As for now, it’s still an individual’s choice. If they want to be stupid and not do so, that’s their prerogative, unless their employer demands it. 
    • Asymptomatic transfer is the danger. The very fact that this person decided not to bother getting tested because he felt OK just shows that he is an example of what the health authorities are ip against. He simply doesn't understand how it transfers. I am living in Australia, and we are currently in the middle of a soike that is fast getting out of control. We're worse than we were a year ago. All because our pathetic government was slack in ordering enough vaccines and the insanity of being anti-vaccine has spread worldwide. I get that screaming at people and judging and blaming and chest beating can be (I mean is) counterproductive when dealing with sceptics, but just the idea that someone who is eligible capable of receiving it thinks they have to "research" or even think about getting the vaccine astonishes me. 
    • 1) I am 100% for vaccine, so tone down the barking a bit here. I am trying to push as many people, POLITELY, to get the vaccine. Because, when has barking at the, or calling people idiots ever gotten them to do what you want them to do.  2) How much more does the vaccine help someone who has had COVID resist getting COVD? If he tests positive, should he get the vaccine if he has sufficient antibodies to resist it from getting COVID? Should we demonize him for it if he is sufficiently protected because he had it.  How many are those who previously had COVID? Just asking questions to get information not to combat you on getting the vaccine or not.  Don't take my questioning as denouncing getting the vaccine. I am not an expert, and any more information is good for me to pass along. I 100% agree with taking the vaccine if possible. Which is a very high % of people out there. 
    • Reading through these reviews one thing stands out.  You guys are lovers of the game, you guys are observant of the nuances of a golf course and you guys can write.  Kudos.  I think that defines your basic TST'er. I have friends that fulfill the first two items, but they can't and/or hate to write.  Too much like high school.  So they'll never come on here.  They are famous for texting only "Ok" to a longish, heartfelt text I might send their way.
    • "probably" should have? When is wife had it? "If" the vaccine "further helps him out"? The guy is clearly anti vaccine. A fool. Pardon me, but it sounds as if you are not 100% on board with the vaccine. You even said that he basically should decide whether he should get the vaccine only if he had tested positive! Why can't these people understand that you get the vaccine to save others, not just yourself. Symptoms or no symptoms. You get the vaccine. Unless you are a selfish dick who doesn't give a sh*t about anyone else. UNLESS your doctor specifically tells you NOT to take it, lest risking your own life. Am I missing something?  The vaccine has "helped" many, many millions of people out by making sure they don't die. And don't pass it on.
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