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MichaelMillerPilatesTrademark.jpg.d189b4c28305cf060f713690dce73ad5.jpgCornu Tension in Golf


Mattie watches a lot of golf swings on YouTube. She writes to me about those who have a "hip grip" and those who don’t. She suggests I write something about what she calls the "hip grip” and on Cornu Tension and share it with the golf community.

The hip grip
The hip grip is the core. Everyone talks about the core. In this view, the view that Mattie wants me to share with you—the core is a grip at the hips. Just like the muscles in your hands make a grip, so do the muscles in your hips.
To get a hip grip your biology has to accomplish the physics of making a grip at the hip. Practically speaking, that is the ability to rotate around the axis that runs through your hips. You’re creating an axis of rotation out of thin air by establishing control of it. The muscles act in symphony to establish a grip, because a grip gives you the control you need to move. Or to stabilize.
The hip grip stabilizes your pelvis. Hold your palm up; make a grip. That same engagement of muscles making a grip happens at your hips. Your ability to make a grip in your hand is the same ability to make a grip at your hips. One is just a lot more subtle than the other!
So I would say Mattie wants me to tell you that the core everyone talks about is a grip at the hips.
Cornu Tension
Cornu tension comes from oppositional rotation between axes. Cornu tension gives you a sensation of alignment and more uniform usage of your muscles. The body has the ability to rotate around at least six different axes, “endpoints” if you will. The primary one is at the hips.
Everybody uses Cornu Tension to move, whether they know it or not. Cornu tension goes to the heart of our biology accomplishing the physics we need to move through space.
Students can usually find the feeling of Cornu tension from their ears to their shoulders first. Then, find it from their shoulders to their hips. Cornu Tension comes from the way you engage the muscles of your body, from oppositional rotation between axes in your body.  In Cornu Tension, the rotation at the ears connects to the rotation at the shoulders and the rotation at the shoulders connects to the rotation at the hips. Cornu tension allows you to stretch your spine and hold it stable.

There you go, Mattie! The Core is a grip at the hips. Cornu tension makes alignment sensational and distributes the load of the body. Thanks for sharing your feedback from watching all those golf swings on YouTube; I hope this post is what you were looking for!

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Note: This thread is 1235 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • The above is the first I've heard of booster shots.  Hopefully I find a place to get one that doesn't involve over a half hour's drive to a city named Corona like my first two shots.
    • and, quoting the above: The line of best fit for the data of GIR vs score is 95 - 2 * GIR.  That's probably where @reidsou's number came from.   Note that, even if we treat it as the standard goal (I agree with you, as you'll see in a moment), an average 11-GIR round probably has one or two birdies thrown in, and I'd bet that most of those missed greens in such a round (again, for an average 11-GIR round) are probably very much near-GIR.  That having been said, there are some of us, such as the original poster on this thread and I, whose long game is such that more than seven GIR isn't unheard of (which that formula would "predict," if we use it to predict at least, a round in the 70s) but who still score in the 80s.  I even recently had a round with 9 GIR and a score of 90 -- which is why 95 - 2 *GIR isn't meant to predict any individual's score, but does still highlight the importance of GIR and ball striking. Which brings me to my next point, which is also @Shorty's next point:  yeah, 50% chipping and putting is not the way to go, certainly not long term.  Maybe with the goal of getting those traits to about an average 20-handicapper's level (without sacrificing approach shot strength), and then using the 15/20 time productively in future weeks to improve on them.  The nice thing about chipping and putting is that there is some low hanging fruit as far as getting competent goes, especially if one is building off the sort of short game shots that come from missing fewer than half of one's GIRs.
    • The people I noticed who got vaxxed early, some of it was they knew an inside person, other than knowing exactly which sites to hit and when. Like people who were fully vaxxed by February/March.  
    • I flew over Cabot Cliffs and Southport and the rendering of these courses was really poor. Guessing you have to find the courses where specific work was done to make them look realistic.
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