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    • Rahm out as well after another positive test.
    • I’ve been using Live paired with my iPhone without major issue the last 10 rounds or so. I’ve been starting the device, then pairing to the app so I can use the GPS if needed. Occasionally, the app will not know what hole I’m on for distances or I have to manually go to that hole. However, at the end, I’m able to edit the round on my phone with no issues. I then can open the round on my iPad and edit further if needed.
    • The videos can be interesting and instructive, but they can also pull you away from what is best for you to work on to improve. You can think of them as quick fixes and it can actually hurt your progress. Best advice is to work with a good instructor and practice smart to improve.
    • The speaker is referring to weight toward the toes or heel when they say front and back. As for the second part, the player on the right is a little more vertical at set up and early extends on the downswing. Early extension means you straighten up sooner than you should losing hip rotation speed and power. The right elbow can also get stuck behind your side.There are several ways to work on this, but without seeing your swing, it would be hard to comment. 
    • I'm watching this video and he mentions "he got himself a little more out onto the front of his feet" and "he's got himself more centred in to back of his feet" in the other comparison https://youtu.be/S8dkDx8YVkI?t=242  Does that mean he puts more weight on the front of his feet than the back?   One more question: how do you create more space for the right arm during impact as mentioned here? He's more tipped over which allows this , I think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8dkDx8YVkI?t=280 Would reducing how much your right forearm can rotate clockwise help with this, duringthe end of your backswing?
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