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Course opening dates for the spring

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HI WI golfers.  living in Menomonie, WI we have 3 courses in town and from what I read the Grand opening for Tanglewood Greens is the 11th and 12 of May with a big event going on http://www.tanglewoodgreens.com/event-center/our-events.  This is a great 18 hole course.

2nd course is, Piinewood golf course.  This is a great 9 hole executive course.  Had dinner up there the other day Great fish fry . Talking to Jansen and Faith the owners they say as soon as the snow is gone they 'll be open.  I like this course for the quietness of it and the ability to try different shots and the relaxed pace.  Club house is great for lunch ad a Beer after the round.  Awesome spot to for the after work game with friends.https://pinewoodgcr.com/

Menomonie Country Club is a course I have not played yet but heard it has some nice holes and this also is a 9 hole par 3 with 3 par 4 holes about 2200 yards long.  Will  play it this year and report back. not sure of the opening time as they have no website and facebook gives no info.  


So let other and myself know of whats going on in your area . I know in mine we have tons of courses close by and I will try to give you a heads up on them thru out the summer .  If your gonna be in the area or would like to set up a round I 'm always happy to play.  just Message me here and I will do the same if I am gonna be in your area.



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Morning Fellow Golfers,  WEl today is the 24th or April and I will be heading out this afternoon to try out my newly fitted clubs and see just how off I got over the very long winter.  Pinewood Golf Course in Menomonie is open for business and I cant wait( wife says I have to finish my cores first, MEANIE!!) so I will try to grab a few snapshots and let yall know how it goes.  So please let me know what other areas are open and another week and the big course will be open also.  LETS GET SWINGING>


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    • Thanks a lot I will check that 30 day plan out looks pretty decent.
    • Are the clubs similarly fit?  For example, I could imagine one picking up a well-fit driver and irons that are too short and getting this effect.
    • Welcome to TST, I've had similar issues but only with Driver versus FW Woods. IMO, it might be due to weighting differences of the clubs or shaft flex. Also, I sometimes make a poor swing on irons which may stem from transitions between long and short length clubs mostly with unusual lie or stance. Maybe a change in pre-shot routine of the irons would be beneficial. For longer clubs, I will make a sweeping practice swing. For mid to short irons I try to feel the club bounce and interact with the turf. I also try to concentrate on the swing path, making sure I finish high and at my target  with all clubs.
    • Looking more and more like it'll be early to mid-September according to the New York Times article. F.D.A. Aims to Give Final Approval to Pfizer Vaccine by Early Next Month - The New York Times The Food...  
    • I am having problems transitioning between hitting my Driver and Irons.  When I hit my driver (on the screws) I tend to top  or blade my irons.  When I hit my irons flush, I tend to have issues finding the tee ball with my driver.  Any ideas?
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