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Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

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10 hours ago, boogielicious said:

Señor Colin, tengo problemas con las matemáticas y necesito ayuda.


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4 hours ago, iacas said:

Go back to the OP and earlier posts.

Thank you. I had forgotten those posts.

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Just to get back to the original discussion about the impact of the arms on swing speed, I watched a video of Annika Sorenstam and Henrik Stenson going over their swing style when hitting pitch shots from 40 to 90 yards away. Henrik uses both legs and arms in his demonstration but Annika is strictly an arms type. Her legs are very quiet throughout the swing and she absolutely dimed all her shots around the pin. I tried that approach on my pitches and was pleasantly surprised to see a marked improvement in the quality and consistency of shots in that range. I guess the fewer the moving parts the less that can go wrong.

Then I decided to incorporate the arms approach with the irons and woods and I could not believe the improvement in my ball striking. It wasn't perfect of course but the irons just felt more pure off the face and my driving distance just exploded. I'm 65 and I normally hit my drives around 220-225 when playing well but when I focused on quieting the lower body and letting the arms swing more freely I was suddenly hitting over 250 yards. One drive made it to 286, which was absolutely nuts (my partner counted it off and still can't believe it). It's certainly not a cure all since I still hit the wayward shots but it's a good example of how important the arms are to getting increased club head speed and maximizing contact. Now if I can just get those short putts to drop. =:^)   

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    • Employees must not be too happy about the move. Unlike Orlando, golf in Connecticut is extremely poor to non-existent December through March. Hope they bring their indoor golf simulators with them.😉
    • I just use my iPhone. There are adapters for tripods. Others just mount their phone or camera on their bag. Bag height is good because it’s hand height. In a practice session, I will set up either face on or down the line and check camera angles. DTL I will lay a club along my toe line and aim the camera there. Then I film that side. I will do driver and 6 or 7 iron and maybe wedges. Then switch to the other view and repeat. It takes a little practice, but once you’ve done it a few times, it’s easy. Try not to fuss about getting a perfect swing. Ones that feel good or bad actually look pretty similar. You want your Evolvr instructor to see what you have. I will set up, but not film until I’m warm and ready to film the drill or swing. Lastly, trim the video down. I post it to YouTube and just put the link in Evolvr. You don’t have to worry about file size that way. I post as unlisted and full HD.
    • I get it. Didn't go do a fitting. I ordered the clubs with the same specs from my last fitting. Only thing I changed was going from Project X LZ 5.5 to Accura I80 stiff shafts.
    • Use the 2MP camera and just record separate swings. Everyone does. No need to record the same swing - your swing is pretty much the same every time.
    • My travels were to driving to Northern Michigan. Garland (Lewiston, MI) in July was originally planed for May but was pushed back.  Nice thing was they let us keep the “Early Bird” rate.  This was shen I got my 1st Ace 😃. Then went to Treetops (Gaylord, MI) in September.   Both trips involved masks & social distancing but were good, enjoyable trips. The breakfast buffets were cancelled but not a big deal.
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