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    • I appreciate your advice and help, this shot is a challenge for me and I am not figuring it out.  Your insight on club selection and how you hit the ball is appreciated. The Shot: Ball has nestled into the thick, like real thick grass just past the fringe.  It maybe 3" to 6" into the thick stuff.  The shot is downhill with the cup at the legal 8' from the edge of the green so you very little green to work with.  Due to the quality of the rough and how thick it is more times then not the grass is wet, especially when it is a early morning round.  Later in the day this thick near PGA quality type rough will dry out but still the grass really maintains the moisture.  Then also the green speed has picked up. These greens roll exceptionally well, they are very fast.  At one time at a 12.5 stimpmeter reading.  They have brought the speed down a tich, like between a 11 & 12 now.  But if you find your line these greens roll so true that it you can trust them. Quick recap: Very thick rough, ball is nestled down, you can see it.  Probably 6" deep The fringe is like 12" 8' of green to work with Downhill on fast greens, after the cup is a lot of down hill so if you hit it to firm you will be in a very long up hill putt that is more then likely a 2 putt now. I am at work and will be checking back from time to time so sorry for any delays in responding
    • Pretty happy with the Penguins game 2. The PP looks a little bit lost at times, but I'm left wondering if that is a trend that we'll see from a lot of teams? I wouldn't be surprised if the average PP percentage is a bit lower than usual across the league. Also, it's scary playing a goalie that is playing as well as Price.
    • There are a handful of players who were in their mid-30s when I began watching golf who are just now qualifying for the Champions Tour.  In theory, I can watch them compete against a field of other players like them.  Jim Furyk and Phil Mickelson are in this set.  I don't really know my preference order behind the PGA Tour.  There's a Champions Tour event that, most years, is near to where I moved about a year ago.  It wasn't held this year I think.  I do plan to go, and I also have planned several years to go to an LPGA event near my parents.  It hasn't happened. I guess the answer is, I say I care about CT more than I really do.
    • Plans for this week include reading the next chapter of Keep Your Eye off the Puck and watching a game or two to apply what I've learned about how to watch hockey.  
    • But with a putter, played on a decent length course, say like 6,600-6,700+ yds, you're almost never going to get a GIR, where with driver, you will at least have multiple chances. I mean depending on the course and forced carries, it's possible that some people might not even be able to carry a putter over a forced carry off the tee which would add up strokes in a hurry.
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