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    • And it is worth discussing why this is.  There really are 2 different components to the increasing strength of field. 1) the first is the increase in the sheer numbers of golfers through globalization, i.e, and expanding pool.  There is still a fair amount of room for growth here.  As widespread as the growth of golf has been there are still some pretty untapped places with large population, like China and Russia. 2) the second applies to Tiger/Jack comparisons, but will not apply to Tiger/future comparisons.  And that is the concentration of the very best global players in the 8-10 most important events (i.e., the majors, the WGCs, and the Players.  It is hard for people to grasp the fact that until the very last days of Jack's competitive career neither he nor anyone else ever played in an event where substantially all of the best players in the world played.  Whereas now and, presumably for the future, virtually every one of the big events routinely draws all of the best players other than players sidelined by injury.
    • Day 17 In process of regripping my clubs, so did some putting in my living room with my kids.
    • Day 683 continous. It's probably closer to well over 900 days of continuous practice, and/or play, but this thread only goes back to 01/01/18. I don't post here daily, as it's too repetitive for me. I only use 6-8, different practice routines. Today I hit 40 practice chips from 6' off the reen. 40, 30+/- yard pitches. All these were hit to different pins, from a few different locations. Actually holed out a few. After the green side stuff, I hit seveal full swing shots out of a bunker with my SW,  7 iron, and 7 metal wood. . Used range balls for this. I don't get many opportunities to to hit out of fair way bunkers.  After the sand stuff, i finished up with some d-range shots to to different targets as I meandered through my bag of clubs.  Every practice shot had a purpose, and a specific target was used for all of them. Some I used my preshot rountine on. Others, not so much. I spent alot of time focused on my swing tempo, timing, and speed. I wanted the balls to go consistent distances, per each club/shot I hit. I rely heavily on consistency in my game. Some days are better than others. I was out early, and probably spent 2+ hours practicing. The weather is great, course conditions are great, and I feel great, so the extended practice time was more of a fun adventure than anything else. I didn't rush things.  Later on today I will hit some practice putts. Would've done the putting thing this morning, but those greens were being mowed, and pins rearranged. Not a big deal, since my chipping, and putting strokes are identical. I practice one, I am practicing the other. 
    • I appreciate this perspective.  I do not debate any of the empiricism that underpins these dictates, and to be sure I spend most of my practice time working out my full swings. I just do not see why one can't do both.  It's not like I can be swinging a club while on this forum.
    • Me too. Imposter syndrome.  It's not a nice feeling.  The fact that you are most definitely being watched makes it even more ominous. A bucket is what, $10.00?  The downside just seems to outweigh the up. I may be out on a limb here.  But I think there is something untoward about an adult who does not get such a feeling at times like that. 
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