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    • someone's gotta take one for the team
    • I've played the take away a club format a couple of times. I really like them.  I've also played a variation on the theme in which you could use any club you want once. After you hit every club in your bag including the putter, you get everything back again, and start over, hitting every club once in any order you choose. Until you've used them all and then you get them back again. REPEAT until the end of the round. I thought it was cool, strategic and fun.  Back in the day, I used to play this tournament every year for almost 10 years with my wife which was done I guess kinda Rider Cup Format... sort of. You played the first 6 holes as a two person scramble. The next 6 holes as a 2 person best ball. The last 6 holes were alternating shot. It was tons of fun. It was a couples tournament; every team had to have a male and a female. I'm not sure the male/female thing would be allowed today. 
    • Yeah if you can sink a bunch of putts from the parking lot. 500' of putts is mind blowing. If you want to prove to yourself the value of Driver and approach shots find a friend who is much better or much worse than you and play 2 balls alternate shot. I did this for a league event yesterday and I was far closer to their average than mine. Hitting 190-220 approach shots on par 4s and a ton of 60 yard pitches over hazards is not good for scoring.
    • I think JV oversimplifies the swing in regards to errors. He stares there are only two areas to address based on your error. If your ball flight  is off it’s your position, your shoulders. If your contact is off it’s your weight. I know beyond any doubt there were times I had all my weight forward and still hit the ball fat. There were also times I kept my shoulders closed and still shanked it. There is still plenty of room and movement to be done to cause errors I believe. And although it’s true I hit really nice draws with 7i and down...once I got to 6i and longer the nice shots became scarce. Just couldn’t get any good distance from the longer irons. Drives were nice draws but I think the distance I gained was as I said before, better path and better contact with the face. But still nothing to write home about.
    • Learning golf is definitely chaotic, there's no question about that, but I've had the pleasure of working with several good instructors over the years, and there's also no question that they quantum leap you forward. You could spend an entire year practicing five times a week trying to figure out something that the instructor will tell you in thirty seconds. That kind of time/chaos reduction is worth the $100 or whatever they charge. You're always going to have to practice a lot to become good at this game, and you're going to get better at timing a bad swing the more you practice, but if you don't have correct information or you keep ingraining bad habits and just keep trying to make them work, you will never ever get to great or even good amateur golf, which I think a lot of us who start as adults hope to reach, especially those of us who join golf forums or who take their improvement seriously. A good instructor will give you an opportunity to reach whatever your potential is in this game, whether that's a zero or a five or a nine or whatever the case may be.
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