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First new irons in 15 years -Rogue and my first hybrids. Wow.

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I’ve had my forged MacGregor VFoils for I believe about 13 years. Felt it was time to try something new. I got some new Callaway Rogue graphite S 5-P and the 2 and 4 Rogue Hybrids in stiff. I’ve only played nine holes, today, but right out of the Gates I’m very impressed. My MacGregor's, when I hit them pure we’re a pretty sweet feel... but not consistent. The Rogues have a totally different feel and sound.  Consistent but more forgiving I’d say. And they seem to fly a tad further. I like the feel of graphite. Light and something very forgiving about them. As for the hybrids— dare I say they’re easy to hit? Yes. And I’ve never said that about a club. Especially the 2H. It’s a rocket. In only two hours I can tell the hybrids will def be a game changer for my 18 HC game. They looks great. The feel great. They seem very easy to swing and play. I think I’m in store for e very happy relationship with my new stocks. Just thought I’d share. These clubs compliment my Epic driver, Ancienr Rossie putter and Vokies 52/60 and Cleveland’s 49/56. Hit em straight! 


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Super UB! Congrats mo. Lots of birdies, eagles upcoming with that Pic set.

You kept your old wedges too ai? What grips did you opt for Golf Pride half cord or ?  

 They are awesome sticks aren't they. Prior to my decision to update, I hit my buddies out of his bag on a 5 round weekend outing to Weaver Ridge. After that I could not resist getting ordering mine. UB I'm sure its the same with yours, with mine the ball flies so much higher and 10-15 yards further with that new technology than with my 10 year old Callaway graph Fusions i.e. 5 iron near 200 where I was getting 180's prior.

I haven't had a change to play a round with them yet but I'm confident you and I will be pleased with them. Myself I opted for the 60* graphite as well on my Xs with two wedges, where I opted to go black flat finish on those and updated the Rescue as well.

Holy smokes guys, they weren't shy about the price either @ $1400.00. Add their Driver at $400 and its like they saw me coming. NP its in the budget...

I'm sure it's going to take a little time at the rockpile crushing grapes to hone in on the new yardage with them for you as well. Thanks for pic and post.

 Enjoy'm and lots of luck with them.





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I went wirhnrhe stock Lamkin groups but may change over to Winn DriTacs which I really like. My sons got me a 52 and 60 Vokie... amazing wedges. Will be replacing the Cleveland 56 with another. 

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Note: This thread is 919 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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