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    • Polo made the right decision based on their industry and how they feel about inclusion. I dont believe it was knee-jerk, no more than your boycott of their products that you have never purchased. I like JT but flat out he was wrong and i wont drop him for one issue like this but to pick that word you have to wonder. There are so many words he could have picked. I use a lot of bad langage when i golf and that one has never even been in the holster ready to go. I aways say you get peoples honest feelings when they are drunk or mad. I hope i am wrong about him but wouldnt be shocked if i wasnt. 
    • @DeadMan I agree about part 2.    The only thing I took from part 2 was how brutal the media is. I enjoyed part 1, I did not know that part of the story. 
    • I've been fans of JT and Jordan Spieth for several years, at least in terms of their swings and off-course charity efforts. But the potty mouths have always been an issue for me.  That being said, I'm disappointed in Polo and its knee-jerk reaction to what Thomas did. He made a mistake and apologized. What he did was a result of immaturity, not malice. He doesn't deserve the endorsement death penalty that the PC police like to hand out. As long as it's not part of a pattern, I say let it go.  I draw a distinction between what JT did and what happened with Scott Piercy. While JT's was a spontaneous comment that did not single out anyone, Piercy's comment was directed a specific person (Pete Buttigieg). He took the time to compose the comment in his head, meaning it was premeditated. And the comments about Q-anon? Seriously?  I've never owned any Polo products but if I did I would avoid future purchases based on this knee-jerk reaction. I certainly hope the Titleist and Foot-Joy don't follow Polo's lead on this.   
    • Just finished it. I really don't get how this was salacious at all. They didn't gloss over the sex scandals, but they didn't really go into it in much detail. I don't think there are any details that are new. Anyway, I didn't like this part as much as the first part. I was a little bored at times. Maybe it's because I know Tiger's story from 2008 on pretty well. 
    • And can anyone tell me about this putter??
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