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    • You’re supposed to say, “I would like to thank The Academy....” Congrats!
    • Wow, thanks. Such an honor to be mentioned among some of the Legends of TST! 
    • Thanks! Ol Bryson ended up getting pretty big haha.
    • Hey, it's almost a month earlier than we did this last year! Kickstarter of the Year We sometimes don't give out these awards, because often the major championship topics rank at the top (that happened this year too), sometimes long-running topics like "5 Minutes Daily" or "What'd You Shoot Today" are at the top. And sometimes they're just an easy win, like the "Tiger Catch-All Topic." But this past year we dealt with a pandemic, and are still dealing with it, and we also saw some interesting developments from within the golf world. So, without further ado, our Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists in the Kickstarter of the Year, the people who started some of the busiest topics of the year, are: KOTY #3: TST's Bronze Kickstarter of the Year is… @Piz for asking what we were all doing now given the quarantine earlier in the year. KOTY #2: TST's Silver Kickstarter of the Year is… @ShawnSum wondered just what in the heck Bryson was doing, and a lot of other people wanted to talk about him as well! ROTY #1: TST's Gold Rookie of the Year is… @dennyjones asked whether COVID-19 was affecting your golf.       Rookie of the Year These members joined the site within the last month of 2019 or any time in 2020 and amassed the most reputation points while remaining in good standing throughout the year (only points earned in 2020 count). Just as you'd expect, of course! These members have a bright future ahead of themselves! Note: winning Rookie of the Year does not preclude you from also winning Member of the Year awards. It'd be like a rookie in a major sport also winning the MVP - it can happen. It just didn't happen this year… 😄 ROTY #3: TST's Bronze Rookie of the Year is… With 32 reputation points in 175 posts (a 0.183 ratio), and after joining on Christmas Day, 2019, @Sandy Lie! ROTY #2: TST's Silver Rookie of the Year is… Joining on June 22, 2020 and earning 37 reputation points in 100 posts (0.370), we haven't seen him in awhile but hope he will return, let's congratulate @ShaftFarmer!! ROTY #1: TST's Gold Rookie of the Year is… Racking up 56 reputation votes in total, this member joined May 15, 2020 and racked up a winning total in only 276 posts (0.203)! Let's congratulate @StuM on his Rookie of the Year award!! Congratulations! Now, it's on to the big one. The one we've all been waiting for. The… Member of the Year These members are the best of the best. They amassed the most reputation points during the calendar year 2020, and remained in good standing throughout the year. Their peers - you guys and gals - felt their posts were worthy of the most thanks, skins, fist bumps, high fives, or reputation, whatever you want to call it. These are the elite. The people who make insightful posts that help further the discussion… even if you disagree with them occasionally. Or frequently. Reminder: staff (me, @nevets88, @billchao, @boogielicious, @phillyk, @DaveP043, @woodzie264, @georgep, and @TN94z — in no particular order) are ineligible for yearly awards, or we would have taken home some hardware here. But, moderating you fine folks is prize enough, and we thank you for your contributions to our community here! Without further ado… MOTY #3: TST's Bronze Member of the Year is… After joining on August 21, 2018, and making 1,950 posts, roughly one third of which include the phrases "white belt" or "ice cream [truck|man]", this member works hard on his swing when he works on it, and the rest of the time dreams of the days since he was able to wear a white belt. Having long surpassed his "rule of 35" in both of the ways, he amassed 346 points in 2020. Our bronze Member of the Year for 2020 is… @ChetlovesMer! MOTY #2: TST's Silver Member of the Year is… This member made a new year's resolution a few years ago and has stuck to it ever since, unlike literally everyone else in the world. His new year's resolution was to post witty rejoinders and join us in making merriment. He joined on January 1, 2017 and has made 2,958 posts since then. In 2020, he amassed 414 reputation points. For 2020, the silver Member of the Year is… @Double Mocha Man! MOTY #1: TST's Gold Member of the Year is… When this member isn't busy dealing with the health crisis, injuring himself on skateboards or bicycles or something, or dealing with the health crisis in his own game known as Accute Hosilitis, he's amassing 502 reputation points in 2020! With a current content count of 6,809 posts since joining on March 24, 2014… He's the… uhhhhh… Dustin Johnson (?) of TST for 2020, the cream of the crop once again, and a repeat gold medal MOTY winner… @Vinsk!
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