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    • The Original is a very good shoe. Not the best in hot weather, as it can get a little sweaty (that's just logical - if you want a waterproof leather shoe). And of the Knits, the original is a very good shoe, too. I see what you mean about the higher back, but it's pretty soft IMO. Do you wear a sock that goes up that high, or is it rubbing skin? I don't like a high back, either, but if I'm being specific I don't like a high back that's more solid or firmer. These are like socks, very "huggy" without digging in or rubbing much. The Knits are some of my favorite shoes. I wear them everywhere. Teaching. Playing, when it's at least half dry. Errands. Going out to do anything. They're the first shoe I grab, and the only shoes that I generally have inside the house. The old Knit "I" models will likely be relegated strictly to errand shoes, though, or teaching maybe, as I've worn the tread away. These are the replacements, in spirit, for the original Sensei shoes, which I also loved. Perhaps even more than the Tours. For golf, the Originals win. For everything, the Knits and the Knit Its win, for me, hands down. The TRUE Knit II TRUE Knit II Our most popular model of all time, the TRUE Knit is back and better than ever. Knit II's lightweight nature, all-day comfort, sock-fit feel and breathable nature make these your go to sneakers for the warmer days... → TRUEknit Fully Breathable One-Piece Upper (90% Polyester, 10% Spandex) → Full Sock Fit Flexible Opening for Slide-In Comfort → One-Piece TRUEknit Upper Flexibly Conforms to Most Foot Shapes (D-EEE) → New Open Cell Footbed for Increased Breathability and Comfort on Warmer Days → Water and Oil Repellent Upper → NEW Wanderlux Midsole for Increased Comfort and Rebound → Extremely Lightweight - 9.1 oz. (Size 9 M) → Cross-Life Tread for Maximum Versatility → Transitional (Minimal) Drop (~4mm Dependant on Size) Some Photos   The TRUE LUX Knit TRUE LUX Knit A 2-Year waterproof guarantee has never looked or felt this good. The alchemy of modern performance and heritage design make the LUX Knit is the best of all worlds. The breathable, form fitting upper is bonded to... → Waterproof, yet breathable knit upper with added DWR shell (durable water repellent) → New WANDERLUX midsole technology for superior rebound, energy return, and age defying durability → New WANDERLUX interior featuring a snug, padded heel cup and all new super foam insert → Reusable LUX shoe/shag bag in lieu of the traditional box → Premium leather accents and welting → Transitional (minimal) drop - (~6mm) → Light-weight (11.5 oz) with a premium/rugged durability → Tour-tested spikeless rubber tread for aggressive grip → Generous natural fit comfortably conforms up to 2E width Some Photos
    • Try leaving it as is and putting on a practice green. After 10 putts try adding some sticky lead weight, and from the same distance try 10 more putts. I think you can see where I'm going with this. Whatever weight gives you the most confidence making putts is right for you.
    • Do you play golf with people who say "fa****" when they miss a putt? I hope not. And I get that no-one wants to be a "teacher" out of the classroom, but saying you live in a place where homophobia and acceptance of "hate speech" is the norm is a little concerning. I know exactly what the situation is  - kids swear all of the time and it's normalised to the point where they don't even think they're swearing. They don't care and wonder why anyone, let alone a teacher would have an issue with it. But that's not what this is about, and I'm curious as to why you're putting swearing into the same conversation.  Most schools accept that swearing is wrong and have policies about it. Hard to police and rarely anything beyond poor and immature use of language. Different issue. They also have policies about discrimination, vilification, homophobia and violence. This is what this is about. Any student who utters the word "f+++++" is hopelessly out of touch and would not fit in with the majority of students these days are totally cool with homosexuality and don't see it as a huge deal. And I understand that some states are not as progressive as others. I know you aren't defending JT or saying he did nothing wrong, but if those at the top of the totem pole at your school think that "fa***" is a swear word, they need to be shifted down several places.  
    • @Vinsk that would be interesting I suppose. Hell he has enough of them. I can’t imagine they could do anything about that. He is free to wear what he wants. 
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