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    • Again…you guys are really missing the point. I never said Rahm was a lock. But to ignore that Rahm had a six shot lead AND DIDN'T EVEN PLAY the final round is ridiculous. Norman blew a six shot lead. Palmer blew a six shot. But FFS…they PLAYED.  Here’s you guys’ logic: The fact that players with a six shot lead have lost the tournament means that Cantlay had no advantage having Rahm WD. Yeah ok. So what about all the times a player with the lead DID win? Huh? Nothing? Starting the last round six shots back is no worse than starting tied for the lead. Yeah. Got it.🙄
    • Yea that’s something to keep in mind, thanks. For those people who have a tendency to slam the clubs back in the bag after a bad shot, that is 
    • Day 10 (17 Jun 21) -  Worked on shallowing the club on the downswing, using the 54* wedge.  Made pitches from 30yds to about 5yds.  Today will be last day of 5 mins daily for me as I will be visiting family fir a week and there won’t be opportunities to work on the game…May work on stretches and such.  
    • There's a downside to having the ability to practice full swing at home with real shots:  if you can't film it, you don't necessarily know if you're making progress. Case in point:  my slow swing when practicing feels very slow;  looking at it on video today at the range, I don't think it's as slow as I think it is. I took several videos today (I can post them, probably in my "My Swing!" thread,, f someone thinks it'd help me get feedback towards progress) at the practice range.  Each one, two slow rehearsal backswings, followed by a slow full swing.  The first two look like I'm getting what I want.  The third... well, it gets to parallel, not really much past parallel, but when the goal is to stop 45 degrees before parallel, that isn't close enough.
    • Was looking at qualifier leaderboard, wondering how the guy watching all this did, shot 79, the hole right after the fight he parred it. Another thing I noticed was Eric Axley in the leaderboard, wondering if that's the Eric Axley that won an event on the PGA Tour. Korn Ferry Tour Monday Qualifier - Auburn Hills Golf Course Leaderboard | South Central PGA Korn Ferry Tour Monday Qualifier - Auburn Hills Golf Course Leaderboard | South Central PGA  
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