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    • But we do not know who is vaccinated among us, and many of them are not wearing masks. I'm vaccinated but there's still a 5% chance of catching the virus. So I still mask.  No longer to protect others, but to protect myself.
    • If the store request that I do, then I do.  I would say almost every store in Ohio has updated guidelines that vaccinated people don't have to wear masks. 
    • It felt a bit odd going maskless, but I'm pretty much mask-free now, having had my second vaccine dose in late March.  I still see a significant percentage of people in the grocery store wearing masks, maybe 25 or 30%.  I always have one with me, in case I go into a place that requires it, I'll continue to respect the rules that a private business might have.  I do wonder how many who continue with masks do it because they're still a little concerned about exposure despite being vaccinated, or perhaps haven't been vaccinated but still respect the mask rules.
    • Anybody still wearing a mask when going to a restaurant, grocery shopping, Etc? I pretty much am mask free unless mandatory, like health care facilities. Some people still don't feel secure w/o a mask. 
    • You're right, but in the post you quoted, it was one partner conceding the other partner's putt, not an opponent.  I'm not sure what the format of the competition was, but it doesn't sound like normal match play procedure.
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