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    • There aren't any rules on which tee box you have to play. If you're going to enter the score for your handicap, you want to play a tee box that is rated. Sometimes, the most forward tees aren't rated for men. This thread is exactly why courses shouldn't use the blue/white/red system of tee markers. You should be playing whatever tees make the game the most fun for you - color or distance be damned. So many people just default to blue tees or white tees even when other tees would be more appropriate. For example, at my home course, most people should be playing the white tees. It's a fairly difficult course, and if you can't drive it well, the blue tees are tough. But every guy under the age of 50 plays from the blue tees, shoots 110+, and takes forever. I hate that the tee color pushes people do this. Personally, I look at the course rating and slope when I decide which tee box to play. My Goldilocks zone is having the course rating right around par, with the slope between 120 and 135ish. Especially if it's my first time playing a course.
    • There’s no such thing as “senior” tees except by tradition at most courses.
    • I thought golf should be played by course distance and not tee box color/age. And there are ways to calculate that, such as Driving distance x 28 - then find the tee box that has the yardage closest to that number. To me, golf should be fun and somewhat challenging but I don’t want to struggle at all. I also find it a very humbling game and I have to leave my ego at home or it will smack me in the face...  
    • It's a beautiful morning and all of us are Seniors. I mean the youngest is 62 years old.  We get ready to Tee Off and everyone wants to play the White Tee Markers. The course is a well kept, nice and clean. It has a Par/Slope Rating on each of the tee markers.  There are no Senior Tees designated as such. My golfing buddies say, "Red is for the  Women." Men's tees are White and Champion tees are Blue.  So we play the Whites, maintain our masculinity, and suffer from extra strokes because we can't drive the ball off the tee as far as the younger players. In some ways, it is frustrating, but it is really sweet when I beat a younger player because I consistently stay in the fairway, while he hits his 300+ yard out of bounds.  But what is correct to play according to the current rules? What age is considered a Senior? If the course has no "Senior Designated Tees", then do the Men play the White only? Can Seniors legally play the Red Tees, or Ladies tees?  Who came up with this rule or procedure? (We need to find him and integrate him/her. 😄 ) I honestly like playing from the Whites. It is part masculinity and part pride, but unless I have designated "Senior Tees", then I prefer to play the whites.  Okay, your comments and smart remarks will be noted.  Retired Old Man 
    • Back when I started playing golf a 2 wedge set up was pretty common, even though most people seemed to carry 3 wedges. Today I think 4 wedges seems to be the norm. PW, GW, SW and LW. That's what I carry. Some sets are so low lofted (I'm looking at you Roque X) that folks will add a 5th wedge.  So, I'll ask: How many wedges do you carry? 
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