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Claremont Country Club - Oakland, CA (need some caddy tips for the course)

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Heya all,

I am going up over Thanksgiving to visit my brother in Piedmont.  We will be playing at his course, the Claremont Country Club in Oakland, CA .

I watch a flight video over the coarse and know it is a challenging course.  I wanted to show my brother how much I have improved... so I was wondering if anyone had any caddy tips for the course.  i.e suggestions on certain especially difficult holes, etc.  

Best regards and good golfing. 

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It is indeed a challenging course.  One of the more difficult par 68's you'll play.  Some of the shorter par 4's lure you with opportunity but are ringed with sand traps that just wait for the inevitable miss.  Unless you're hitting well, play them conservatively.  Really is a fun course.

There is no driving range for warm up but they do have an excellent short game practice area.

Members there are known for their alcohol consumption and for the life of me, I can't figure our how some of them still hit it so straight during some events.  One beer for me and my game is off.

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Meta, thanks for the advice.   Hilarious.  

Yeah, i am looking forward to it.  As someone who has played since 10 years old (and probably played best then) and as an adult was a huge duffer (120+ per round), I am a bit scared.  

Didn't play for about 4 years, and even then as an adult... I only played like once every 6 months for 2 decade.  I have spent the last two months rebuilding my swing from the start.  Broke 100 a month ago... now about low 90s.   Just wanting any edge I can have so I don't embarrass myself around my brother, who is a member.  lol. 

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So... I got no input other than Meta.  

So here is the deal.  Great course; designed by Alister MacKenzie (famed for being Augusta's architect).  Short but challenging.  There is not flat lay on the course, even on the fairway.  Amazingly well maintained (they own the old quarry south of the course and pump all the water up from natural rain fall to maintain the course).  Fast greens even when wet.  Much faster downhill than uphill for some reason.  On a wet day the greens are slower... on a slightly wet day, the green are faster as the turf lays down.  

Putting area, chipping area, and driving down the 18th before 10 (before people who teed off early get there).  Amazing staff; true gentlemen's/gentlewoman's club.  

Always... always, play the conservative play on the fairway and the greens.  When the have club tournaments they place the hole especially difficult.  

Hard to fault anything there.  It's in the middle of Rockridge / Piedmont and they are looking for new member family.  Great attitude and great way to make your life more rounded if you live in the Bay Area.  It's never too urban to enjoy some green!


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    • @iacas, thanks for your detailed comments. i know sometimes tone can be difficult to discern online and as a new member of this community i'm still getting used to the style of communication here. i apologize if you feel i put words in your mouth (totally unintentional) and i don't harbor any ill will about what i considered snarky/sarcastic.  i think it's difficult to compare this picture of DJ because he's wearing layers and a collar. additionally, the fact that the picture of mike on the left is intentionally exaggerated limits its usefulness in my opinion.  i just searched for "dustin johnson down the line slow motion" in youtube and here are a couple of pictures from the first few videos that showed up, sorted by recency. here's one of DJ with an iron in his hand and no layers from the open in 2017.  to my untrained eye his spine seems to be in a much more neutral position. there's plenty of space between his chin and chest and it looks like there's a little bit of anterior pelvic tilt. (please forgive my crappy dots :) and here's a picture of DJ with driver in his hand from a video that was uploaded about a year ago though i don't know when it was filmed: further, this is what DJ has to say (in his own words) about his posture in an interview with golf.com from 2016: https://www.golf.com/instruction/steal-dustin-johnsons-power-move-and-add-10-yards-tee so to answer your question i would say DJ's posture looks (to me) more like the picture of mike on the left but with less anterior pelvic tilt and less extension in the cervical spine. and based on what he has to say about his posture he doesn't want to set up like mike in the picture on the left.
    • Suffice to say we can trust @ChetlovesMer's taste in putters about as much as his taste in belt color…
    • In the last 15 years, a lot of work has been done on fairway wood heads. This includes moving around the center of gravity (see diagram of RBZ Stage 2 FW). 1. Higher and more forward leads to lower spin, more penetrating shot. This works best for golfers with high clubhead speed. 2. Lower and more rearward leads to higher spin and higher launch, which can maximize distance for the average golfer.  In 2006, Tour Edge launched the Exotics line of FW. Exotics used titanium cup-face, and steel maraging (removes dead weight from hitting area) to develop some very hot FWs and hybrids. This year's EXS model uses a new high-density carbon steel alloy Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno and Ping likewise developed FWs with a variety of head options. Of course, the FW works best if you fit it with a shaft that matches your swing. Go to a demo day, and do a side-by-side with your 3W and others. And, if you carry a single FW, also try 4Ws. Many players - including some big hitters - get more out of a 4W than a 3W. This depends in part on how you come into the ball.
    • TXGolfDude, Here also is a link to the 2018 MyGolfSpy article rating 3 woods for 2018. Given it's 2019 now I'm sure any improved technology between now and 2018 is almost immeasurable, although I'm sure you'll find marketing pitches that contradict that. 2018 MOST WANTED FAIRWAY WOOD 24 Fariway Woods, 20 Testers, the largest unbiased head-to-head 3 wood test in the world. Short Story is #1 = Exoitics CBx, #2 = Callaway Rogue, #3 = Callaway Rogue SubZero, and there are many others included. I always take these types of things with a grain of salt. "The Best" tend to come from some method of aggregating the data of the test results and the only thing I can be sure of is that my results will almost surely aggregate differently. Then of course there is always the argument of how much a particular company might have "donated" to this test group and how that might influence the results. Also I believe the right shaft is a big variable in anyone's swing  but I could not find what shaft manufacturer was used in the testing so I have to  assume they used what ever the stock shaft was that came in the club (noting that sometimes there can be different shafts used within the same year by the same club manufacturer).   Still this information is very interesting, and although it does not answer your question how much better they are than your 2008 gamer, you might take your gamer and try some of these clubs in the list to see how they compare. Good Luck!              
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