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    • I play in a group of 12 to 16 every Wednesday and Sunday.  We play at 10AM so by the end of the round we're usually at about the hottest part of the day here in NC.  Although I often forget to do it, the "experts" say to begin to hydrate yourself well before playing.  It's been HOT here this summer and here are the few things that I do to control things.  I fill a gallon thermal jug with water the night before I play and put in in the freezer and take it to the course and drink often during the round.  I also take a small cooler filled with ice and often during the round I'll grab a handful and chew on it or whatever.  But the big thing I do is I take a standard towel, soak it with water, wring it out  and put it in a baggie, then throw it in the freezer.  I throw it in the cooler and take all to the course.  On about the twelfth or thirteenth hole when I may start to get overwhelmed by the heat I'll pull the towel out and let it begin to thaw a bit.  When I need it then I pull the frozen towel apart and smother my face, head and neck in it. Works tremendously to cool you down.  I'll toss it back into the ice cooler and pull it out three or four times throughout the back nine. I also have one of those "cooling towels" and they to not come close to the results I get with my frozen towel.  Fore.
    • Let's be totally clear about this. Your putter is pretty much as bad as they come. Cheap as they come and just as nasty. I have had Winn putter grips that have had to be replaced after a single round because the outer rubber/plastic skin tears off just from the club being rubbing against the bag. This one is probably a replacement anyway. But, just in case you need help in identifying a $15 putter, they all have one thing in common with yours.  A dozen "alignment aids". Stripes and lines and paint fills, none of which are in themselves aligned. Are you seriously hoping someone is going to tell you something different? This is the type of thing you'd see at a putt putt course. Milling machines are not high tech machines these days. Any engineering shop has one and all they do is grind off the uneven surface from the crappy casting in putters like yours. And.. it's a MILLED FACE, not a milled putter. I've tried the truth, an attempt at humour and now I'm trying the truth again. Take that to any shop and try to trade it on a $200 putter and see if you get $5. You might, but probably won't.
    • OMG, I said milling can be cheaper than an insert. That's true. It's a cheap no-name putter. Give it up already.
    • As to the milling being cheaper than inserts I'm going to have to politely disagree there too. AFAIK cheapest inserts are much much much cheaper in production than cheapest milling. You have to factor in the cost of milling tools and their maintenance. A cast clubhead requires zero tools to insert. One human can probably do 400-500 inserts in a day, and the materials are super cheap. Milling requires a mill. And bits. And programs. And people who keep those things running. As far as I know the costs are not comparable at all, and that accounts for why all the cheap clubs at Walmart have inserts while the buying trend is milled. Golf Spy did a piece on this but suffice to say I can't agree with that statement but i respect your opinion. Cheers. 🙂   The TRUE Cost of Making a Putter Manufacturers throw around plenty of buzzwords to justify higher costs, but what does it really cost to make a putter? The answer may surprise you.   I think I mentioned a few times "no one is saying it's an expensive putter", so I'm confused why you said that. I'd just like to know it's heritage that's all. I'm curious. I am not selling it, I'm not gaming it, not claiming it's expensive, just curious about it because I like it. Cheers.
    • Perhaps he was too weak to lift the club after "blasting" that drive...
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