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    • Well! A round of two halves!  Played with a friend, and my Dad, at a course I've only played once before.  Front 9 I shot 47, hit three GIR, made 3 pars, and had only one penalty stroke.  I could see breaking 100 within my sights! Hole 10... absolute shocker.  Dog-leg left, with thick horrible rough all along the left.  Out of bounds down the right.  Almost no view of the fairway.  Tee tucked hard into the back left, alongside the rough.  I generally push/fade/slice my mid irons and above.  No space to hit to the right and come in from that side.  Very narrow gap down the right, avoiding out of bounds.  Anything less than 7 iron wouldn't get me to the corner, and anything other than a dead straight shot would be in horrible rough.  I decided to hit a 7i, reasoning that if everything came good, it would draw, and take me to the corner, with a long-ish approach shot, or easily achievable two shots into the green. Hit the 7i, sliced it out of bounds.  Tried again, pulled it into the heavy rough.  Tried to play out of the rough, only to hit it deeper into the rough.  Finally got out of the rough, but had advanced  the ball about 120 yards, and still no sight of the green.  I won't bore you with the rest, but I had *TWELVE* shots on this hole.  Onto the 11th, and 3 off the tee.  Pretty shoddy back 9, with 9 penalties, one par. So, finished on... you guessed it... 107! My father and my friend were telling me to shut up, since I was crushing them on Stableford points, but I didn't care about that - I wanted my breaking 100 award!  In the end I finished on 42 points, which is my best ever score, and is consistent with me shooting mid 30s at present.  However, I'm feeling hopeful I can get under 100 soon.
    • You're cracking me up Vinsk.  But I think you're on to something.  Find a course with no ob's on the left... and no cart girls.  And unfriend all your golfing buddies... but only on the par 3's.
    • I’d turn and find a different direction, you are comfortable with to hit the ball and get it out of the bunker. It’s going to cost you a stroke, but  it could cost more to hit a bad stroke and leave the ball in the bunker.
    • You don't need a compromise of the two. If those three pictures compromise a small part of a spectrum, you need to be moving even further past what you were doing in the old posture. You are forcing even more compensations into a swing that already has quite a few of them. You are forcing yourself to drastically change your inclination to the ground very early on in the backswing. I'm going to say something that might seem crazy, but DO NOT attempt to learn to swing a golf club from Hogan's 50+ year old book. It's not going to do anything for you (anything good anyway).  
    • Okay... here's an old can of worms.... rule that should go... the anchored putting stroke rule.  (runs and hides). 
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