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    • Go look up kinematic sequence for the golf swing. also, even after you find an answer. What you feel happens might not match up.  like, I feel a slight torso turn and a small bit of hand stuff. The video shows full hip turn, full shoulder turn, and the club ends up near parallel for the driver and short of parallel for the irons.  the downswing, I feel much more the finish position. Stretch in the left side from hip to shoulder. Belt buckle facing the horizon more. I don’t feel the kinematic sequence of hip slide, rotation starting from the ground up. so, these questions of what happens, don’t translate to actually feeling that motion. Yet, the video can show it.
    • Looks be damned. I'm doing it next time.    
    • I found that very interesting.  I'll defer to the rules guys on here but I can't think of anything in the rules saying you need to dry your clubface if it is naturally wet.  I suppose you couldn't use a spray bottle of water any more than you can use vaseline, WD40 or 10W40.
    • “This phrase is copyrighted and any rebroadcast, retransmissions, pictures, descriptions, or accounts of this phrase without the express written permission of ChetlovesMer are prohibited.”
    • When I say "as one" I mean should you rotate them both at the same speed, so that they both will match up in their rotation on the backswing?    Reason I ask is because since the spine can rotate more than the hips, should the spine be rotated more quickly - or should you rotate them at the same pace, then when the hips reaches it's limit, keep rotating the spine until it turns 90* while the hips stay in the fixed position   Here's a pic of what I mean, you can see his spine is rotated far more than his hips, because the hips have reached their limit 
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